6 Insanely Real Times Jim And Pam Had Moments Very Similar To Your Own Relationship's Moments

6 Insanely Real Times Jim And Pam Had Moments Very Similar To Your Own Relationship's Moments

You always want that fairytale romance, but it rarely happens now-a-days.


Being like the famous Jim and Pam is a dream come true. Yes, they started on rocky terms, but they eventually found their way towards each other and lived a happy life in each other's arms. I was like that with my boyfriend, and hope that our little hiccup doesn't last too long.

1. In relationships with other people

Jim has been longing to be with Pam for years, almost since he first saw her when they started working together. I realized I wanted my current boyfriend when I was with my ex.

2. Occasional flirting (without realizing it at first)

Throughout the entire first few seasons of The Office, Jim and Pam would be constantly flirting: without the other person knowing its flirting. With me and my boyfriend, we texted for a whole week where we would be flirting, but I didn't realize that's what it was until he told me how he felt and for how long.

3. Going through bad relationships, realizing they want each other

When Pam found out Jim liked her, she was still with Roy, but things were not going that great, she just did not want to accept it. I was having trouble with my now ex, but I was too scared to admit it because he was my first love. Once I started talking to my current boyfriend, I realized I should have ended things because I shouldn't be unhappy in a relationship just because I didn't want to be alone, or lose my first love.

4. Helping through the rough patches of each relationship

It is obviously a while before Jim and Pam realized they were meant for each other, but in the meantime, they helped each other through their relationships. They don't want the other to be unhappy, even if deep down they know they would be happier if they were out of their current relationships. During the first month I and my current boyfriend were talking, I helped him get through his rough patches with his ex while he also helped me with my difficult times with my now ex. Eventually, we both realized that we don't want to be with our significant other, we wanted each other.

5. Get together, but keep it a secret

This relationship happened like in a fairytale. Jim came back after breaking up with his girlfriend, and he immediately asked Pam out. I had only just recently broken up with my now ex, and my current boyfriend asked me out almost a week later because he did not want to lose the chance again.

6. Have a big fight, don't know what to do

This isn't how these 2 end their relationship, but they do have a huge fight about what they really want from the other. In the end, they both realize they are happy together and will do anything, like move around a lot, if it means they can be with each other. With my relationship, I am not sure what is happening at the moment. We never got into a fight, but things happened that we can't be together-together, and all we can be for now are friends until things cool down. I am hoping this isn't the end, and I can have the same happiness that Jim and Pam got in the end.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

I've Been With My Boyfriend For 2 Years And We Don't Tell Each Other 'I Love You'

When you know you know.


I have been in love with Ben since the day I laid eyes on him. His messy hair, stained t-shirt, and dirty jeans from work were all it took to have me hooked. Well, maybe not literally, but in addition to the way he looked the first day I met him, there were so many other things that I fell in love with.

We have been off and on for two years come October and although we've thrown out the L-word at each other before, it's not a word that we use often, if at all anymore.

And I am OK with this.

I am so okay with him not saying he loves me because actions speak louder than words and his actions alone prove to me every day that he does love me.

I'm never questioning if I'm loved by him, even though he doesn't directly say he does because of the way he treats me. From making sure I get enough sleep to taking me out on dates to my favorite places in town, there are so many green flags and positive signals that prove to me he loves me.

I tell him that I love him in addition to the things I do to try and show him how much I love him.

He doesn't say it back, and I know you're thinking he doesn't say it because he doesn't love me, but trust me, he does.

But, I've never been so sure of someone's love for me (except for JC) until now. The way that he holds me when I sleep, the way that he looks at me, talks about me, and listens to me are just a few of the small things that he does to express his feelings for me in a non-verbal way.

I believe that you don't have to tell someone you love them every day in order for them to know that you love them.

If you are acting the right way and doing things the right way your partner won't have to have the constant reassurance that you love them, they'll just know. Although sometimes I wish he'd say that he loves me, the things he does outweigh the cost of hearing those three words, always. I know I am appreciated and cherished and he knows that I love him and that he's loved. In a relationship, it's what you feel and how you express how you feel that matters in the end.

I think that there can be a great pressure from society to blurt out the L-word early on in relationships, but as I've said before, actions speak louder than words and those actions, to me, will always outweigh meaningless words. Because sometimes, when you know someone loves you, you just know.

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Not Being Attracted To Someone Who Is A Different Race Does Not Make You Racist

And on the flip-side, being more attracted to one race doesn't (necessarily) mean you're fetishizing them.


From the get-go I want you to know that I acknowledge that this is an unpopular opinion, but it is a strong one of mine that I would like to voice. Please don't get offended if my opinions differ from yours, that's life, deal with it!

I'm sure you've noticed, either within yourself, someone close to you, or someone not so close to you but who you pay attention to their love life anyway for whatever reason, that they tend to date certain types of people. And no, I'm not talking about the idea of having a "type," which I tend to disagree with fundamentally because if you lined up all my exes I don't think they would look similar enough to support the idea. I'm actually talking about race here.

For example, I tend to date white people, but I have dated people of other races, and I will probably continue to as well. I just tend to be more attracted to people who fit my racial category than anyone else, and that's okay. I'm not averse to dating people of other races, I just haven't found myself attracted to people who fit those racial categories. In these cases, I'm not dating that specific person because I am not attracted to that specific person, not because I'm not attracted to people of their race.

Where this kind of situation becomes not okay and does turn into racism is when someone is attracted to someone of a certain race but specifically won't date them because of it. I knew a couple of people like this in high school and in college and whether they realized it or not, they were being blatantly racist for no apparent reason. Hence, I have inserted the keyword "necessarily" into the title of this article. Does it make sense now?

How about on the flip-side. If someone tends to only date one race or is mostly attracted to people of a single race, it doesn't mean they're racist in that respect either. They may be in the same boat as the first side. Anyway, in some situations, people do fetishize a certain race or fetishize being with someone of that race, especially if it differs from their own. Seeing as there seems to be a fetish for everything nowadays, we shouldn't be surprised necessarily, but that also doesn't excuse it from being racist.

Another important factor in these ideas is who you are exposed to most. If you are a white person in a majorly white neighborhood or state or whatever size area and you stay in that general area for most of your life, you're more likely to end up being attracted to, dating, and probably marrying someone of your same race just because those are the people you interact with. No racism needs to exist for the outcome to be the same.

We need to learn to separate a person from his or her race. Race does not define a person unless they want it to. But a person's race isn't the only thing someone else will be attracted to. Get it out of your heads that it is.

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