It's official, Jelena is dead and Jailey is more than just alive. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are getting married and the internet's reactions to the engagement erupted. No one was prepared for this breaking news, especially since Bieber doesn't even follow Baldwin on Instagram! **Gasp**

When the Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made their engagement announcement, my boyfriend and I spent an obnoxious amount of time talking about their love lives, which is hypocritical since I like to keep my personal relationship out of the public eye: I don't know how celebrities can do it! It's not anyone's business; we know nothing about the real Jailey and their connection, but, nevertheless, Bieber broke the internet with his engagement and people had a lot to say.

2. I'm still not over the shock factor

Same, girl. I was in disbelief, but, of course, I only wish the best for them and every other newly engaged couple.

3. What will the future hold?

Who knows what will happen next! What will Selena Gomez do?

4. Not a kid anymore!

Where did the time go? What happened to my JBiebs posters in my childhood bedroom? What happened to the young "Baby" singer who was unstly ridiculed for singing like a girl?

5. Jelena Forever

This girl is definitely questioning the complexities love, but she's not alone, the rest of the internet is in confusion, as well.

6. Was she even a Bieleber?!

So, turns out Baldwin was a fan before even becoming friends with Bieber; however, she definitely didn't read Justin Bieber fanfiction!

7. Justin did his research

**Round of Applause for Justin** Although a rash decision, he knew what he was doing!

8. Um, get your online presence together!

They may have pictures together posted on Instagram, but without the follows and tags, they're not social media official #InternetRules

9. Honey, we're all distraught

As I'm typing this, I look down at my empty ring finger and sigh.

10. Because it's all a race in Hollywood

Yet, Ariana Grande stood up for the relationship. Love when celebs stick together and support one another.

12. Appreciate the kisses

Didn't National Kissing Day just pass?

13. We could fill an ocean with all the tears

Don't cry! We will all find love!

15. Definitely the low-key reaction

Do not run her over! Someone get her help, please!

16. Alexa, play Lady Gaga's "Just Dance"

Let Gaga calm you down as she sings, "Just dance! Gonna be okay."

17. Read this and started to breathe heavier

I want some of the magic, too! Is it a love potion, maybe?

19. Noooooooo

I can imagine people all around the world having this dramatic reaction when the news first dropped. I hope no one threw and broke the screens of their phones!

20. Instagram police

Stop rubbing it into Selena's face! She's happier than ever and you should be, too!

21. You have to admit they're an adorable couple

Best friends who turn into romantic lovers always have the most fun.

22. Please welcome Mrs. Bieber

Hailey Baldwin is such a genuine sweetheart. I hope Justin will forever treat her like a princess.

23. He should have asked the internet first

Imagine if he tweeted out a question about proposing beforehand!

25. How do the Kardashians always tie into everything?

I will definitely be watching the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

28. You can't fake this.

I'm so sorry, Audry. I'm sending you a virtual hug.

30. The truth comes out

Loved this lesson.

31. To each it's own

We all have our different paths! One is not better than the other. I'd kill for a muffin right now.

33. Love is complicated and time is weird

Time heals all.