We should be celebrating Valentine's Day every day!

Since I was a little girl, I always loved the idea of Valentine's Day. I loved going to school and handing out valentines to my friends, I loved giving my parents homemade gifts, and I would love to buy candy and a teddy bear for my siblings. As I’ve grown up, I realized that Valentine's Day is just another day in the books. Why do we dedicate one day out of the year to love? Love is one of the best things that life has to offer us as humans. Why are we only giving it one day out of the year?

I feel that in more recent years, Valentine's Day is being commercialized. Walking into Walmart, Target, and even the market, shows how these holidays are being so commercialized and materialistic. Now I know that Valentine's Day is a tradition and not a holiday. However, we should still be using the concept of love 365 days a year.

I personally feel that Valentine's Day makes a mockery out of love. That is why this year I am not going to feed into the commercialized and materialistic concept of Valentines Day. I love so many people in my life. I don’t see a point in making just one day out of the year just to point out my love for someone when I point it out every day.

I know many will argue and say that Valentines Day is “the day of love.” Well, I have to respectfully disagree with that statement and say that every day is “the day of love.” Sure, Valentine's Day is a fun and exciting concept. I can't disagree with that. However, it is important to know that we should be reminding the people who we love every day that we love them and care for them. These important people in our lives deserve more than just a piece of candy and a stuffed bear one day out of the year.

Many people don't even get to spend time with the people who they love on Valentines Day. Some are overseas, some have passed, and some just don't have that person in their lives. Please be sensitive to the fact that not everyone has a "Valentine." I hope this article was eye opening for those of you who have never thought about this tradition in this perspective. Keep this in mind on Valentines Day.