Khloé, let me start out by saying I really respect you and I'm sure you are trying so hard to be the strong, badass person you know you are.

But I also know you are having issues with your man. Whether the rumors are true or not, it's not my place to judge, but overwhelming evidence shows that T ristan has cheated on you.

Not only has he been caught on footage cheating on you once, but at least five times. I also understand that you were days away from giving birth when the news broke, probably breaking your heart with it.

But now you have a beautiful little girl, True. And she is going to look up to you. She is going to look to you for advice on men.

She is going to look at you and her dad's relationship and model hers after yours. Do you want her to see you staying with a serial cheater who cheated on his extremely pregnant girlfriend?

By her seeing that True will think it is okay to be with a man who hurt and abuses women. Cheating is abusive. There is no way around it. He's abusing you and girl, he needs you more than you need him.

What did you tell Kourtney when Scott was treating her like sh!? You told her to knock it off and move on. You told her she deserves more and that she doesn't need someone who doesn't put her first above drinking, partying, and sex.

Girl, take your own advice.

You have your sisters support and your mom's support (we saw they unfollowed him on Instagram). You have a family that loves you and will support you. You have friends who will love and support you. You have fans that will love and support you.

You're surrounded by people who care so lean on them during this hard time and dump that douche, Tristan Thompson.

True needs you set an example but honestly, all women need to see you set a good example. If Khloé Kardashian can leave an abusive man, then so can I. But even if it's not for True or for other women struggling with cheaters, do it for you.

Because you deserve the world. You deserve to be cherished and loved. You deserve to be a priority.

Khloé, you are so amazing and strong. Show True how to be a badass Kardashian woman that doesn't take shit from assholes and is the queen of her own throne, just like her mama.