With "Frozen 2" in theaters, what better time than now to remind all of the girls out there that its cast features the dictionary definition of boyfriend goals? Kristoff embodies everything the ideal romantic partner should be, so without further ado, here is my list of reasons why every girl should aspire to find the Kristoff to her Anna.

1. He's a total sweetheart (even if he stumbles over his words sometimes).

2. He's great with animals.


3. He can be serious, but he also knows how to goof around from time to time.

4. He made sure to ask for consent before making a move.


5. He's a family man who loves his family and wants to have one of his own.

6. Grand romantic gestures presented in the sweetest possible way? He's got you covered.


7. He has an amazing singing voice.

8. He trusts that his girl can handle herself, but that doesn't stop him from being protective, of course.


9. He puts Anna above everything else, including himself.

10. Most importantly, as he puts it himself in "Frozen 2," his love isn't fragile.


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