February is only a few short weeks away and if you have a significant other, you already know what that means... Valentine's Day! As college students, we are very forgetful and always have something going on and sometimes, it hurts us. If for some reason, time catches up to you and you forgot all about Cupid's holiday, don't worry.

Here are some last-minute gifts for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day:

1. Hollabear

If you don't want to stick getting your girl the boring teddy bears that every other guy is getting, get a Hollabear. These bears are cute, cuddly and feature a nice, not so ordinary compliment.

2. Pre-made Shower Basket

Don't waste your time rushing at the store picking out bath products. With one click, you can have this bath set filled with lotion, shower gel and so much more at your Valentine's doorstep.

3. Fuzzy Themed Socks

I'm speaking for every girl on this one, we all love fuzzy socks, no matter the time of the year. With this Valentine's Day themed fuzzy sock set, her feet will be warm all February long.

4. Bath Bomb Set

Bath bombs are truly a key to any woman's heart. This bath bomb set includes 12 different bombs for any type of occasion or mood your girl is feeling.

5. "I Love You" Necklace in 100 Different Languages

This necklace may look like any other ordinary necklace, but it sure stands out from the rest. If you look inside the pendant, there is "I love you" in 100 different languages. If this doesn't win your girlfriend's heart over, I don't know what will.

7. His and Her Pillow Cases

Are you and your girl in a long distance relationship? Don't fret, these his and her pillowcases are a perfect reminder to show you care, no matter how many miles you are from each other.

8. Chocolate Roses

Flowers and chocolates are one of the two most classic Valentine's Day gifts, so why not combine them together to get chocolate roses?

9. Fondue Maker

Bring the romantic atmosphere of a fondue restaurant into her home by gifting her this fondue maker.

10. Wine Chiller

Every girl loves wine. With this wine chiller, she can always keep her bottles at the perfect drinking temperature.

11. Face Mask Machine

Everyone's skin is different but one thing we can all agree on is that face masks are everything. This custom face mask maker not only looks fun, but you can make any kind of face mask that fits your type of skin.

12. Zodiac Necklace

Zodiacs and horoscopes are hot right now and many people take them seriously. A necklace with her zodiac star sign will make her shine for sure.

13. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Aromatherapy is known to help with stress, anxiety, insomnia and so much more. This diffuser bracelet is an at home diffuser your lover can bring on the go whenever she needs a little aromatherapy.

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