In 2009, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus became best friends on the set for "The Last Song," and that's when their wild love story began. Throughout their journey, they've had breakups, makeups, and all the in-betweens, but they've come out stronger and closer than ever. Hey, nobody's perfect!

I mean, who can forget Miley's breakdown when she sang, "Wrecking Ball" during her first post-Liam performance? Ugh! Breaks my heart to watch it again.

But, even after all the messy tears, true love won. If that doesn't make you believe in love I don't know what will.

As a fan whose nine-year-old self was astonished with the fact that they met while filming a romance movie, I knew that their connection was undeniable. I don't know if fate is real, but this sounds a whole lot like it!

They have been best friends throughout the whole ride and now, 10 years later, they are officially life partners.

1. The perfect trio

The way Elton John is hugging the two sweethearts is to die for #goals

2. Casual walks with the dogs

Who needs anything more?

3. Smiles on the runway

Both love birds look so happy and comfortable. Miley's mom is right, "My [heart] can't take it!"

4. Happy birthday!

Selfies for days.

5. Another dog walk because the other pups deserve love too

They have more animals than you can count and I'm here for it.

6. Paparazzi shots

I must say, their body language is on point.

7. Mr. and Mrs.

10 years later they tied the knot surrounded by close friends and family **grabs tissues**

9. Power couple

Handling business the right way.

10. Best friends forever

Liam is known for scaring the sh*t out of smiley Miley, so you better have watched until the end or you're missing out.

11. What are they thinking about?

My guess is that they are smiling about one of their inside jokes.

13. Just goofing

I would love to be a third wheel on their laughter-filled adventures.

14. No shame in filter use

Liam's caption says it all.

15. Throwback thursdays

Wow, they were babies! Maybe you've met your soulmate in the past (even a glance or a short conversation) and one day your lives will collide again. Too cliché? Probably, but a girl can dream!

16. Award for best looking couple goes to...

These photogenic stars are bound to produce gorgeous babies. Oh my goodness, now I'm thinking about a pregnant Miley. I hope they want to grow their family!

17. You can just feel the love

You feel it, right?

19. Christmas festivities

Whose ugly sweater won the competition?

20. Smooches

One of the first kisses as husband and wife.

21. Silly faces

Chilling like a villain.

22. Saved the best for last

This compilation makes me giddy, I can watch it over and over again.