Life is not all about grand gestures or just doing things when needed. A big part of everyone's life is the little things.

Whether it's paying for another person's drink at Starbucks, letting someone cut you in line, or even opening the door for someone, it's all about the little things.

All of these "little things" in life add up. This is definitely true for relationships of all types. Sure, your girl might love it if on her birthday you went all out, but she would also love it more if you showered her with love every day, even if it's something as simple or cheesy.

Girls don't always want big gestures, sometimes they just want attention and affection.

Here are 17 of the "little things" that every girl will love. And while this may be focused on what the boys should do for their girls, this does not mean that it should be one-sided. A relationship goes both ways and both members should show their appreciation for the other.

1. Surprise her with her favorite candy. 

Maybe she had a bad day, maybe she's on her period, or maybe you just want to surprise her.

2. Get her flowers. 

You never have to have a reason to buy her flowers. It's one of those "just because" moments.

3. Hold her hand. 

It's the simplest form of affectionate (that won't make others gag when you're in public).

4. Kiss her forehead. 

Simple and sweet.

5. Surprise her with a date. 

It doesn't have to be fancy. It could be watching the sunset, getting ice cream, or having a paint night.

6. Write her a love note. 

Think along the lines of sticky note on her mirror.

7. Send "good morning" and "good night" texts. 

Show her that she's on your mind.

8. Invite her to run errands with you. 

Even if it's getting groceries or simply picking up a game at GameStop.

9. Laugh at her jokes. 

Even if they're silly and stupid.

10.  Say "thank you." 

It doesn't matter if all she did was get you a soda or cook you dinner, show her you appreciate her.

11. Give her a massage (that doesn't lead to sex). 

Who doesn't love a good back massage or a foot massage?

12.  Run her a bubble bath. 

Maybe she had a bad day at work or she's stressed out. Pamper her.

13.  Get excited about the things she's excited about. 

Whether it's because she got new makeup or because she landed the job of her dreams.

14.  Compliment her.

Let her know she looks good, whether she's all dressed up or wearing a t-shirt riddled with holes.

15.  Talk about your feelings or about your day.

I guarantee she'd love it if you opened up to her without her having to ask.

16.  Take pictures of her. 

It doesn't matter if you just save them on your phone or post them on your story.

17.  Open the door for her. 

Be a gentleman, whether it's the door to a building or even the car door.