If you do any of these 10 things, you might just be a tad TOO comfy with your significant other:

1. You tell each other EVERYTHING.

Nothing is off limits. You talk about how your day went, the gossip between your friend group, and the annoying kid in your math class.

2. You hangout "unready" all the time.

No time for a shower or to do your makeup? No worries! You are so comfortable with each other that there's no need to always be presentable.

3. Eat whatever you want.

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably ate less on dates because you were nervous they'd think you're a pig..... but not anymore! When you're comfortable with each other, you large amounts of food, all the time!

4. They know your bad habits.

A bad habit of mine is eating a snack at night after I brush my teeth. At first, I would never let him know I did this... but after a while he knows and he doesn't care!

5. Going out to eat with family is completely normal.

Every time I see my family, the first thing they ask me is where my boyfriend is and if he's coming with us to dinner. They probably like him more than me anyways ;)

6. You are NOT texting each other 24/7.

At the beginning of our relationship, we were constantly texting each other, but now that we've been dating a while, we don't feel the need to text all of the time. We prefer to catch up in person and it's just as exciting! Not texting each other for a couples hours is no longer worrisome. I know we're both busy and I'm confident enough in our relationship to not need to know what he's doing 24/7!

7. Texting my S.O's family isn't awkward.

I'll send his parents a picture of us because I know he won't... and they love it! Texting his family is no longer weird because we are so comfortable with each other.

8. Time apart is refreshing.

When you go to school together, you want to be with your S.O. all of the time, because you live under the same roof, so why wouldn't you? But, when you become comfortable in your relationship, you no longer need to spend every waking second with them. It's refreshing to do things on my own!

9. You sleep like babies.

When we sleep next to each other, we sleep like babies. It's so comforting knowing he's there when I wake up in the middle of the night.

10. You don't give AF that you guys are so comfortable.

You actually kind of love it.