It's not all rainbows and butterflies, but it is a learning experience that I wouldn't change for the world.

1. Beard hair sucks.

Yes, I know, as girls our fair falls out literally everywhere but, at least they don't get woven into our sheets and pillow cases and surround our sinks and land into our food. They're thick and wiry and honestly probably a lot dirtier than our hair.

2. It's okay to do your own thing.

Having your own life while living with your significant other is super important. No matter the situation you're in, it's crucial to always stay true to yourself and do the things you want to do, like eat a tub of Halo Top Ice Cream in bed with the Real Housewives marathon on repeat while he watches the Red Sox game in the living room.

3. You have constant support.

The main aspect of a successful relationship is being each other's biggest cheerleader. Having the constant support of my boyfriend daily on literally anything has made accomplishing big things and little things that much easier. I've learned that there is not a whole lot that I don't have his support on.

4. There's never a dull moment.

Boredom is, unfortunately, something that many relationships call it quits over. Keeping a relationship new, fresh, and fun is a must. Living with my boyfriend has shown me that there are so many projects and fun things to do together like cooking and decorating and getting to know each other likes and dislikes.

5. It tests your patience.

Having your significant other as a roommate is a big invasion of personal space. You are around each other after bad days, sad times, bad moods, and stressful situations. When you live together, you see how vulnerable your significant other can be in these stressful and sad times and it's a huge test of each other's patience.

6. They eat like they're carrying twins.

They literally eat so much. 20 snacks before dinner followed by a second dinner followed by desert. Not only that, they don't gain weight. It is definitely some kind of superpower.

7. You have a live-in exterminator

If you've lived alone or with all girls, you know you have to step up and take one for the team when a spider or cockroach is spotted, but that was another life your roommate/boyfriend doesn't need to know about. Whenever I am the first to spot a bug that is in a place it doesn't belong, he is the first person I notify for his exterminator services.

8. Pick your battles.

It's not always sunshine and rainbows; he leaves the toilet seat up and forgets to put a fresh trash bag in the trashcan and I leave every TV on volume 36 so when we turn it on our eardrums almost explode. You learn to accept these things about each other because we aren't all perfect. This in turn only makes your relationship stronger.

9. You have your own live-in security guard.

Knowing that every night when I go to bed I have a prince charming next to me that could save me if someone were to ever break in is a plus. Not that I couldn't do it but it's nice knowing I don't have to do it alone.

10. Never ending appreciation.

Living with someone in close quarters really shows how much appreciation there is in your relationship. Since living together every "thank you" has been followed up with another "thank you" because we are both appreciative for everything we do for each other.