It all started with a simple text: "I can't talk rn." He "couldn't talk" because he was having an affair.

Flashback to the weekend before Valentine's Day. My long-distance, military boyfriend of one year and I had a "major disagreement" about his plans for the night (which if I told you, would have you biting your nails, too). I'm going to call him David. Anyway, later on that night, after he declines my calls to repair our relationship, he has his first affair of the night. You heard me right: first. Then comes the second, which apparently lasted all weekend long.

The next morning I try contacting him and am slapped with "I can't talk rn" and the rest is history. I am 700 miles from his military base and the anxiety is eating me alive.

Within the next few texts we shared, he confesses that he has found someone else and I was going to be dropped like the ice cubes from my refrigerator. The entire week before Valentine's Day (the day we were planning to finally see each other after an entire month), I was sick with dangerous mental thoughts caused by the constant knowledge that I was being cheated on but being stranded in a radio-silent limbo.

Days go by with little interaction except for one call. This one call consisted of David, my now ex, telling me he missed me, he's not happy, wants to get back together, and is excited for me to come this weekend.

One word: TOXIC.

Being naive, I then followed through and went to see him like he said I should, hoping to salvage something of our year-long relationship. This was a mistake.

When I got there, David opened the door to his room and to my horror, his 'mister-ess' was smiling up at me from David's bed.

Of course, not wanting to start anything, I was polite and obliged when they proposed we all go out for lunch. ALL three of us. WILD, I know! Lunch had me boiling with humiliation and disgust as I watched the mister-ess enjoy his plate of Orange Chicken from Panda Express. Finally, his 'mister-ess' leaves for the weekend to visit family elsewhere.

The entire weekend was a continuous circle of us fighting, then me crying, him then taking advantage of my vulnerability, getting intimate, knowing I wouldn't protest, and then finally, the what-did-we-just-do-silence. [Insert Saturday morning where he left me in bed to go have another affair before coming back to me for more.]

When it was time for me to go back home, all I felt was completely, and undeniably used.

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