If you are in a long distance relationship I'm sure you know by now that sometimes it can be hard sometimes. It might be hard to talk to them depending on if they are in a different time zone making the hours hard, or country so it says connecting every five minutes you are on Skype. Or maybe these are just my problems. But either way, I'm sure you miss seeing them in person and doing all the fun things you would do together if your significant other was there with you. So here are a few things you can do from a world apart to help you feel closer and value the time you guys can talk to each other.

1. Watch a movie or show together

Set your laptop right in front of you when you Skype and start playing the same movie at the same time.

2. Eat together

Have a romantic candle lit dinner but just place your laptop across from you at the dinner table

3. Play video games together

This is the one me and my boyfriend do the most. He taught me how to play Pubg when were were together so we could play and talk when he went back to his country. Its a bunch of fun I definitely would try this one

4. Go on tour

Have your significant other take you on a Skype tour of the area they live in so you can see all the places they get to see every day. Then you can also do the same for them.

5. Cook together

This could be as simple as you both cook your favorite ramen together or you both can make the same five-course meal. It brings you a sense of comfort and makes it feel like your partner is home.

6. Read to each other

You can take turns reading out of your favorite books. Or you can read to your partner as they fall asleep, like when they were little.

7. Play board games together

you can set up the game and have one person physically move the piece which can be challenging or you can look um the online version of that game

8. Have a paint night

Both of you turn on the same Bob Ross video at the same time and start painting together. Or you can freestyle it but are nice.

9. Just chill

When we are together most of the time we just chill out together, so its supper easy to call them up so you can just chill together and talk about your lives.

10. Plan a trip to visit each other

This one is self explanatory, and it gives you something to look forward to.