After more than a year of seeing my boyfriend almost every weekend, it was difficult for me to adjust to not seeing him all the time. I felt really sad and alone.

I'm a strong person, but I missed him a lot. To make things worse, I worried that our relationship would fall apart once he went away. I've heard bad things about long-distance relationships. I love him a lot, but I've heard that long-distance relationships can lessen intimacy over time. I feared that something would happen to our connection.

I was wrong. In fact, our relationship has only gotten stronger.

Missing each other gives us something to look forward to the time when I will see him again. We can gain trust in each other when we aren't with each other all of the time. It also gives us the opportunity to go out and do things without each other, and that's totally OK.

If you're worried about your significant other moving away because you think it will do something to your relationship, take a step back and reflect on your relationship thus far. Distance will only strengthen your relationship and your self-confidence. You don't need your significant other to be there with you all of the time. In fact, not seeing each other all of the time is actually a good thing. Life is about balance.

Long-distance relationships can be scary, but they don't have to be. They can be a blessing.

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