With coronavirus keeping everyone at home to stop the spread, everyone's love lives are being affected in different ways. Many singles are lonely in quarantine, co-quarantined couples' relationships are being tested, and significant others who are quarantining in different area codes are missing one another.

If you happen to fall into the last group, here are nine fun virtual date options to help you make the most of your time apart.

1. Plan for a FaceTime breakfast or coffee date

FaceTime is the new phone call, folks. Especially if you're in a relationship and want to see one another more than you might be able to. Pick a morning to "roll out of bed together" and start the day by making coffee or sipping your morning coffee or tea together.

2. Netflix Party movie night

Sure, Netflix and chill is not the same when your boo is far away, but not watching a movie together is even worse! Of course, you can decide on a movie you both have access to on one of your streaming apps and start it at the same time, or you can download the Netflix Party plugin on Google Chrome, which will allow you to watch and chat while things unfold to make sure you're at the exact same part. It's almost like you're together!

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3. Hulu With Me TV show binge-watch

Cuddling on the couch and bingeing your favorite shows with your partner is always the best, but unfortunately, it's not always an option. The next best thing? Download the Hulu With Me plugin on Google Chrome, so you can be sure you're watching the exact same parts of your favorite TV shows at the exact same time. Just like at a Netflix Party, it's almost like you're together!

4. Mobile game night

If you were quarantined together, chances are you'd probably end up playing games to keep yourselves entertained while watching movies or shows. Thankfully, if you both have smartphones, this can still be an option! Gaming apps like Draw Something, Words With Friends, and Trivia Crack are perfect ways to pass the time and have fun with your significant other from afar.

5. Play a question game

Schedule a time to talk on the phone or FaceTime and play a fun question game to get to know each other a bit better. Not sure where to begin? This e-book of 469 thought-provoking questions for couples could be a fun place to start!

6. Play Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever

While these games often get a little spicy on their own, if you want to bring some extra heat, consider making them drinking and/or stripping games to play via FaceTime.

7. Create shared Pinterest boards and start dreaming

Whether it's a naughty board (for your eyes only), future date ideas board, wedding board, or whatever else, create one for you to both collaborate on. Laugh at the things you didn't expect them to add and talk about the ones you both love.

8. Start a book club

Pick a book for the two of you to read together and schedule times to chat (chapter by chapter, perhaps?) to discuss and, of course, end up going off-book.

9. Plan a FaceTime cooking and/or dinner date

Just like you did for breakfast, do so for din! Decide on what you both want to eat — pasta? pizza? tacos? Then prop up your phone while you make them! When you're both done cooking, bring your virtual partner over to the table, pour yourself a glass of wine, make a toast through the phone, and bon appetit!

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