I Wish It Didn't, But Losing My High School Boyfriend Changed Everything

I Wish It Didn't, But Losing My High School Boyfriend Changed Everything

Don't let a simple high school boyfriend ruin your college years.

In high school, I was secure. Safe. I knew everyone and they knew me. I grew up with these people over four years. I wasn’t starting fresh, it was all familiar.

Even graduating, I was still safe because I had my boyfriend. I was terrified of college, and so was he, but we had each other. It sounds sappy, but it was my reality. I thought we were a team. We both went into separate colleges together, and we supported each other.

He was texting me and supporting me on my move-in day, and we Facetimed so much. College, I thought, brought us closer together.

I used to tell him about my day and the classes I was taking, while he told me his. We knew about each other’s friends, however he made more than me. College was exciting for both of us. It wasn’t technically a long-distance relationship being that we were 30 minutes apart, but we both didn’t have cars so it was weeks before we saw each other. I thought we were solid and going great, but I was wrong.

I was SO wrong.

The days came where he never spoke to me. I was lucky if he even texted me “good morning” or even an emoji. I didn’t know what was going on in his life anymore and he couldn’t care less about mine. I used to call him when walking home late at night so that I wasn’t alone if I was being followed and such, but he one day told me to stop calling because he was busy. So, I walked home late at night alone. I always asked if we could facetime, but he said it had to be short (meaning 10 minutes or less) because he had places to be. I even spent $60 on an Uber trip through Atlanta to see him, and he did the same, but that wasn’t good enough for him anymore. I wasn’t enough. Our relationship was at the bottom of his list of priorities. I was pushed aside, and for some reason, I was to blame.

He didn’t want to see or talk to me, I wasn’t important, so he stopped caring.

I wasn’t giving him the roles he wanted in shows, I wasn’t succeeding like he was. Then one day he texts me saying he can’t do it anymore. Ironically, one of the best days of my life. He was gone. Out of my life, he finally set me free. However, in that moment, I felt alone. It was just me. I didn’t make much friends because my whole world revolved around him. I didn’t open myself to making new friends or staying out late with them. We broke up the second semester of college, and by then it was even harder to make friends. I didn’t have anyone. I couldn’t run home to my mom and have her tell me that boys are stupid and I’m better than that. My best friend was back home, and even though she was doing whatever she could to help me, I was still by myself.

By then, I shut down.

I pushed everyone out and partied. I annoyed everyone with my “I still love him” rant and made that my excuse for everything. I pretty much became a terrible person. But I was trying. My sadness turned into anger, which then turned into a state of depression where I failed two classes. I didn’t understand what was so wrong with me that he could easily just walk out of my life.

Skip to a year later, and I’m not angry or sad anymore, and I’m happy.

I got a job, a dog, and a new boy. Don’t let a simple high school boyfriend ruin your college years. We must realize our worth is not put into the hands of guys and I thank him for leaving me. It destroyed me, which made me pick myself up, get myself together, and move on.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

To The Ex Who Won’t Move On, It’s Time To Let Go

Moving on is hard, but it’s time for you to realize I’m gone.


It's been a year. It's been 365 days since I left you. I was ready for a change. Our relationship was unhealthy and very toxic. We argued constantly. You were very controlling, and it was time to end it. You knew you were the issue in the relationship and you knew what needed to be fixed.

You couldn't change.

After figuring out I couldn't live the rest of my life unhappy, I left. It was hard no doubt. We had good memories, but the bad outweighed the good. You never appreciated me. You weren't loyal to me and I never understand why. You always made me feel as if I was never enough.

I finally left you. You couldn't accept the fact that I was done. I told you I discovered my self-worth and you were angry. You didn't want to see me go. You called and texted me for weeks.

I ignored you.

You were so mad because I was finally done. You had convinced yourself that I would come back but little did you know, I wouldn't. You called and texted daily. You even called my job. You didn't understand. I could no longer listen to ongoing insults and constant accusations. I had enough of it.

When I didn't respond to your calls and texts, you began using text apps and calling me from restricted. You wouldn't stop. When you found out I moved on, it got worse. I begged you to stop and you wouldn't. I finally stopped responding. You still continue to try to contact me.

I need you to move on. I want to put everything behind us. I want you to go out and find someone to make you happy. I need you to realize you and I are over. I want you to move on like I did. I am happy now and I don't need you ruining that. To my ex who is struggling to move on, it's time to let go and move on.

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11 Sneaky Signs Your Relationship Is Headed For A Breakup

Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere.


When you think of a breakup, you may think of weeks of screaming at each other, cheating, lying, and pretty much every other obvious sign you aren't meant for each other.

Sometimes, these signs aren't even there. There may be underlying signs that have been there for a while until it all bubbles up and, BOOM, the breakup happens.

Here are 11 subtle signs your relationship is headed for a breakup:

1. When your S.O.'s name pops up on your phone you feel like groaning.

Throughout your relationship, you would get butterflies when your S.O's name came on your phone. You would be dying to talk to them and tell them all about your day. If it feels like a chore, it might be time to revaluate the relationship.

2. If you live together, you find yourself hoping they aren't home when you get there.

Coming home to your S.O. at the end of every day should be rewarding and exciting. You need to be comfortable in your own living space.

3. You stop wanting to spend time together.

You don't need to spend every waking moment together, but when it seems more like more of a task to take time out of your day that isn't okay.

4. FaceTimes and phone calls become nonexistent.

And if they are existent, the love isn't there and they seem distracted.

5. When you are hanging out, you are checking the time and figuring out when you should leave.

Before, time would fly by and you would be wishing you had more time.

6. Going out on a date seems like a hassle more than an actual treat.

Date nights are rare in busy lives, but when planning them isn't exciting anymore it usually isn't a good sign.

7. When you look into the future you don't see them in it.

You had all your kids names picked out and now you can't even see the relationship getting through the next month.

8. The time between talking to each other increases.

You find yourself forgetting that you haven't talked in a while. And it doesn't necessarily bother you.

9. They irritate you more.

Just their face could bring out anger you didn't know you had.

10. The quirks you once found endearing are now annoying.

Remember the way he'd easily fall asleep in your arms and how it made you feel all gooey inside? Yeah, now it's like he's never awake when you're around.

11. When they stop doing the little things that once put a smile on your face.

No more random "you're beautiful" comments or spontaneous trips to your favorite places in town.

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