My girlfriend is an angel sent from God. I am so grateful that I am able to call her my girlfriend. She is definitely one of a kind. So, for this article, I want to point out some of the things that I love about her and the things she does best.

1. Her Smile

My girlfriend's smile is one that cannot be missed. Every time she smiles, my heart races, like a racehorse in the final stretch. Her smile is one of those smiles that make you want to smile as well. She is a cutie.

2. Her attitude towards life

Nothing makes me fall in love more than listening to her about the life goals she sets for herself. The determination and ambition she has to reach her goals are impressive.

3. Making me laugh

I have a great sense of humor. I am that person that will laugh at everything. When Becky makes me laugh, it is a whole different emotion. It does not feel like a normal laugh. It feels better than just a regular laugh.

4. Keeping me happy

I love that no matter what mood I am in, she keeps a smile on my face. I can be in the worst mood, and it only takes 5-10 minutes for her to change that around.

5. Random hugs from behind

These are one of the best hugs to receive. The best hugs are the unexpected ones.

6. Planning future adventures

I love to travel, and so does Becky. She excites me on different places we can go and explore different areas of the world. By the way, we currently are planning a trip to Florida in March!

7. Her Youtube Channel

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to her youtube channel (OMG Becky). She is pretty funny. I love all the times she is shooting her clips, and I get to watch the recording. It makes me feel like a director or something. One day she may be a Youtube sensation!

8. When she buys me food

Having a meal paid for once in a while is nice. I usually like to be the one to pay for my girlfriend's dinner, but sometimes Becky will pay, which gives my wallet some relief.

9. Her living life to the fullest

Any opportunity Becky has to travel or just have fun, she will take it. She was given multiple internship opportunities and she accepted them all. She had the opportunity to fly out to Florida, all expenses paid, due to her working hard for Margaritaville!

10. Her weirdness

She can be weird sometimes, but I love it! She can be so random at the most random times, and it is hilarious. She is my weirdo.

Becky is one hell of a person. I am glad she came into my life because she has helped me through thick and thin. It does not matter if the road was smooth or bumpy, she still sticks by my side.