Marriage is a dream in all little girls heads. It is a fairy tale, a "happily ever after." But as you grow older, it becomes more of a fear. Will we get married? Will we be in love forever? Will we be happy? Will it be healthy? Will it last?

This is normal, a jillion questions and not a clue who the man will be. There is only one thing that makes this whole idea a little comforting and that is you. My best friend since 2000.

It feels like just yesterday we were little 8th graders saying, "Can you believe we've been friends for 7 years!" Well, now we are sophomores in college and going on our eighteenth year of friendship! That's 18 years of laughing so hard we pee, boy talk, cinnamon challenges, basketball games, days by the pool…the blowup pool, bad singing and MAJOR voice cracks.

We grew up over analyzing everything in life from why kids are mean to why people choose death rather than living but never have we really talked about marriage. Did you ever think of what a big step marriage is? You are vowing to be with one single person for the rest of your life. You are to trust this person with your heart and believe they are going to protect and love every single bone, joint and ligament your body contains.

He should be someone who makes you see the beautiful before the evil and the sunshine above all the clouds. A day with tears should be a month of smiles and that day of tears should have been because he accidentally dropped your makeup bag and the bronzer crumbled (or accidentally cracked your computer screen).

The absolute most important part of choosing the man you marry is that he MUST get along with yours truly. And I promise to YOU my "one-day" husband will love you (almost) as equally as he loves me.

So my first question is if we don't get married, can we sip Pink Moscato on a private beach in Hawaii, letting our hair get lighter and our bodies get darker, looking out at the beautiful blue water while listening to "The Scientist" and ancient Justin Bieber songs?

And my second questions is if this so-called "wedding" thing does happen, will you be by my side the whole time and take my hand has my maid of honor? I cannot imagine planning an event without your creative mind, your positive attitude, and your oh-so-silly personality.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of how thankful I am to have you. You listen to me when I need to talk. You are the most thoughtful person I know. We may be totally different when it comes to certain things, but you have always accepted me for me and loved me for who I am, even with those differences. We are sisters in every sense of the word and have become apart of each other's families. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

So I can't tell you if we will find that special person, get married, and live happily ever after. But what I can say, is no matter what happens we will always have each other and that's happy enough for me.

We've directed a musical, composed genius lyrics, and graduated high school, who says we can't plan a wedding?