I've been in college for two years now, and I haven't made any real friends yet. I mean, I have classmates I talk to, but we only talk about school work and don't really hang out. So, ever since classes shifted online, I've basically only been talking to my parents, and it's been driving me crazy. I've always told myself I would never download a dating app, but oh, how things have changed. I was actually able to match with some people, and I seem to connect really well with them.

I chose to turn to dating apps to make new friends because I feel like I connect better with boys than I do with girls.

I grew up playing video games with my brother and his friends, and I'm able to connect with the people I matched with based on this. The first person I really connected with on Tinder was this guy who is in school to be an infectious disease pharmacist. We connect well with each other because of our shared passion for infectious disease.

Ever since we matched, we've been talking to each other about our views on coronavirus (COVID-19) and how the United States has been handling the situation. We also research the virus and keep each other updated on what we find. Matching with this guy has kept me sane during quarantine because my parents don't have the same passion I have for infectious disease, so it's nice to finally have someone I can talk to about coronavirus.

The second person I really connected with on Tinder is this guy who grew up playing "Call of Duty" with his brother and his friends, but not only that, we actually have other things in common, as well. After talking to him for a few days, I've gotten to know his likes and dislikes, and it turns out we have the same taste in music and food.

I enjoy talking to new people while I'm stuck in my house.

I haven't gone out of my house since my last day of school on campus — due to underlying health issues and the fear of getting COVID-19 — and only talking to my parents on a daily basis was taking a toll on me. I already saw them every day at the dinner table before quarantine started, but spending every second of the day with them was becoming too much for me to handle.

I'm glad I turned to Tinder to find new people to talk to because it helps me stay entertained throughout the day while I'm stuck in my house, and it prevents me from getting bored so easily.

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