I dreamt of you last night. In the solace of my unconscious mind, I allowed myself to envision a life with you. I was provided with my version of our future. It was just another day. We woke up. You took a shower, and I made breakfast. We ate, you grabbed your briefcase and then kissed me quickly as you left to go to work. The simplicity of the moment overwhelmed me. I woke up, head in the clouds, wondering if that’s what a typical morning with you would look like years from now.

Hours later, I still find myself lost in a daydream with you. Vividly, I see our routine and life unfold. As you cross my mind today, there are so many things I wish I could tell you. So, man I see a future with, here are a few pieces of information I would like to share with you.

Never stop pursuing your dreams. Your lofty aspirations and tenacious work ethic are incredibly attractive. Watching you achieve your goals, milestone by milestone, amazes me. Seeing these characteristics now, I know you will work twice as hard to provide for a family in the future.

I am here. No matter where life’s guiding hand takes us, know that I am always with you. If not physically, then mentally, I am cheering you on in all that you do. I am your biggest fan, and nothing will ever change that.

The love you bear for your family melts my heart. Hearing you speak of your siblings and what they mean to you puts into perspective how truly family oriented you are. Your kind heart and caring soul encompass everyone around you. That kind of love is contagious.

I believe in you. You are the most capable man I have ever met. A problem solver by nature, your mind will deliver you solutions to even the most complex problems. It is simply wondrous to observe you overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

I promise to never let you become complacent. As easy as it is to get caught in the cycle of monotony, I will challenge you to do more. Whether it’s taking on a new hobby or introducing a new Saturday morning tradition, you will never be bored.

I will be your best friend. After a long day, there will always be someone to listen to your triumphs or failures. Even on your darkest day, I will be there to shoulder some of the burden. Never again will you feel alone.

I will make time for you. In a world dictated by schedules, you will remain a priority. Time has the ability to warp us into creatures of habit. Home, eat, sleep and repeat is an easy routine to fall into. If we pursue a life together, I resolve to do as much as I can to meet you half-way.

I promise to let you lawyer me. This translates into copious amounts of wheeling and dealing with you. With all of your technical jargon, you will undoubtably get me to agree to something only to make it seem as if it were my idea in the first place. (Yes, you are that good).

I will respect you. This is important. I will respect your need for space. Your need for quiet, or stability. Whatever you require, I will try my hardest to provide for you.

Most of all, I want you to know that I can see it. I can see the adventurous, comfortable, and borderline chaotic life that may await us. It is as vibrant as your soul. Although neither one of us know with absolute certainty where life may lead us, I whole heartedly pray it's to one another.