"If you love them, you got to love all of their flaws, too."

Even if those flaws are filled up with smelly feet, boogers, and lots and lots of farts. Boyfriends are super weird because, as a girl, you spend your entire six months or more opening up to them, telling them your deepest darkest secrets.

And that one time you let a burp or a fart loose, they run away crying while they have been biting their toenails off, picking their nose, and letting one loose for those six months.

I wanted to know if any girlfriends feel for me. I mean, really feel for me. So, you know I had to ask. Ladies and gents, here's what I found.

Dear boyfriends, I'm begging you, please, please, please stop.

From a fellow babe:

"My boyfriend barely washes the sheets or towels—I'm talking, maybe, washes them once every other month, IF I'm lucky. I usually just have to do it for him (and us) because *I* need fresh sheets every two weeks. "

Are you kidding me? We are trying NOT to raise a child, and yet, here we are raising you, cleaning your sheets. Come on, dirtball, do you know how much sweat is on those babies? And... how much... you know.

Bottom line...wash them.

It looks like some boyfriends have issues washing other things, too:

"He has zero issues leaving dirty dishes with food still on them laying around his dorm. Not to mention, he can also go days without showering."

"When we went to the same school together, we would always have sleepovers, and he would roll out of his bed for his 8 AMs and not brush his teeth EVEN if he had classes until 2 P.M."

The just plain RUDE ones:

"He texts in small chunks when he could've sent one message. He'll also say, "We need to talk", or "I have to tell you something", causing me to have an anxiety attack when it's always about something small like he wants fast food tonight."

SERIOUSLY... you're really going to use the "we need to talk" shit on her. Boyfriend, you need to realize something. We deal with your gross habits; you are not about to spring a break upon us.

Simply just say, "Wanna get some food?"

"[He] leaves his baseball stuff in his car & when he picks me up, It SMELLS so bad like straight feet that have been wearing the same socks for 9 days."

I feel this, girlfriend, I really do. On a personal note, I honestly see my life flash before my eyes after getting that first whiff of a sweaty cleat that kind of smells like cat piss.

I don't own a cat for that reason. Help a sister out; maybe take them out of your car BEFORE you pick me up for date night?

"Bites his fingernails. It’s so gross and drives me insane! He isn’t aware that he does it either; it’s just a habit. Every time he does it, I just cringe."

...and then you're going to try and kiss me. It's going to be a NO from me. Bye Felicia!

"He will literally eat something sitting on a boardwalk bench that has been God knows where for God knows how long if he really wants it."

Uh... he must have a really, really good personality.

One. Word. YIKES.

Let's hear it for the girlfriends who date nose pickers:

"Wipe boogers on the wall."

"Picks his nose and puts his boogies on me."

"He picks his nose and EATS IT..."

"Not all the time, but sometimes he does and it grosses me out. I’ll make him go brush his teeth!"

The boyfriend who picks, uh... something else.

"He always picks his nails when he’s driving and it drives me insane. He peels his nails and throws them out of the window instead of just clipping them. Annoying."

I'm really, really hoping that someone made this next one up. But you literally never know what type of guys are out there at this point. I'm just honestly flabbergasted.

"Peed on me in the shower. Multiple times."

I'm just... okay. Do you, girlfriend, but I think that will be the end for me.

And the boyfriend who is a little too close to his buddies:

"He talks about other boys... a lot... like he talks about his friends’ penises. Why are you so obsessed with them?"

And last but not least...the bum busters. We can't forget about you:

"Burps and farts at the same time and laughs at me because he knows it somewhat bothers me. But he's cute, so I laugh anyway. "

"[He] farts under all the blankets and suffocates me under them."

But yet, we still absolutely love them anyway. Some one get us some awards.