Ever since I fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt's character from "500 Days of Summer," combined with my ever growing obsession in the intensity and infidelity of Johnny Cash's love life, I have decided that guys are the ones who tell the hea stories better. They don't pull any punches. Their statements are raw, genuine and honest. They're typically awful with their words, but I swear, ask them about their own recollection on someone from their past who made an impact on them, and you'll be moved to tears. I was. Especially that one of the responses were from an ex of mine, who I now see has a completely different outlook on the situation that we both went through. Together.

Isn't that crazy?

If this article does anything for you, I hope it is to give yourself permission to be happy about people in your past. Things aren't always remembered the same way as time passes. However you and another person felt in the exact moment things went bad, may not necessarily be true anymore. Actually, I can almost promise you that it isn't.

Let the guys talk. They really have something to say.

Here are four guys on their biggest heartbreak:

A stormy affair

"Well, she and I met through my current girlfriend. It was a short-lived affair I guess you could say. Had great sex and deep conversations. She still touches a part of my being that I can't seem to even name. For that, I could definitely admit a slight addiction to her. I'll probably marry my current girlfriend, and I'll do that happily. But I can tell you every time there's bad weather, I think about her because of how much she loved storms. Both in the weather and our relationship. I miss getting caught in them. I think I always will. Make sense?" - anonymous

The screenshots to prove it

"I have so many screenshots of a song on Spotify that I take right when I hear something that reminds me of her. Usually, a random text like that between us was actually not all that random at all. But, it's been three years since we've seen or spoken to each other. I shouldn't still think of her. I know that. But I am so careful that I don't accidentally delete the screenshots. Why?" - anonymous

What's meant to be will be

"The one thing I learned from that relationship was that time is no factor in emotions. I swear we spent four solid months together but I still tear up when I see a video of us and I check the license plates that pass me when I see her car. I know we're not meant to be together, but I just don't think we're meant to be kept apart either. She still touches parts of me that I don't even have a name for. What does that mean, Chey?!" - anonymous

F*cked up, but ours

"She was an absolute maniac but I lived for it. She kept me on my toes. I always felt high on the way she could make me feel so damn secure and loved... and then the next day her 'good morning' text reading the simplest of sentences that could somehow destroy your insides and you feel like you've lost her. It was awful, some of the time. But I loved the continued uncertainty of the relationship. It was frightening, it was passionate, it was so f*cked up, but it was ours, and I'm truly jealous of whoever is in that position with her right now." - anonymous

It is so important to give the people their credit for the way they affected you. There are not two people in this world who meet by accident. Find your reason for meeting. Acknowledge it. Explore it. Remember it.

And let's give these guys credit!

"Please, remember this: There was a love and it was ours. It was ours." - Sue Zhao