While there are a number of good guys in the dating scene, it's all too common to encounter those that are, to put it simply, not so great.

Here are the 28 types of guys that women have reported that we should avoid like the plague.

1. The one who doesn't understand what "no" means

Me: "No, sorry, I'm not interested."

Guy: "I promise I'll rock your world, I swear you're going to regret it if you miss out on me."

Me: "Did I f***ing stutter?"

2. The one who sends an unsolicited dick pic as a means of introduction

I don't know what guys think is attractive about a picture of their disembodied penis but honestly, I have no desire to see that. It does nothing for me and you should assume that no woman wants one unless she tells you otherwise.

3. The guy in his 20's who's still messing around with high school girls

Girls in high school think it's so hot to be pursued by a mature older guy but honestly, there has to be something seriously wrong with a guy who can't get girls his own age and needs to prey on younger (barely legal, if even) girls to make him feel like a man.

4. The one who calls girls (especially his ex) crazy

Any guy that tells me that his ex is "crazy" is really just telling me that he's emotionally manipulative and likes to make women feel insecure for expressing themselves, especially when he messes up. Hard pass, thank you.

5. The deadbeat dad who won't support his baby mama

This guy is honestly just giving you a perfect glimpse into what he'd be like as a partner. Any boy that impregnates someone and can't be man enough to rise to the occasion is definitely not someone I want in my life.

6. The guy who makes you feel bad about your past (or your present)

If he shames you for how many people you've been with or the things you tried before he was in the picture, he's not worth having around. Same goes if he's judgmental about the decisions that you make even if he is in the picture. You call the shots, he doesn't.

7. The one who won't wear a condom

"But it feels better without one" "But you're on birth control why does it matter" "All my partners are clean" "I only have sex without one"

No glove, no love. Period. If you don't respect me enough to keep me safe, why would I want to sleep with you?

8. The one who gets off in 30 seconds but will give nothing in return

"Will you just give me a blowjob" um I don't mind but what's in it for me? Life's too short for an orgasm-less life.

9. Guys that won't get along with your friends

Any guy that makes you choose between him and your friends because he can't grow up and get along with them is simply not worth your time.

10. The one that still doesn't have his own income

There's only so long I'm willing to go on dates in the McDonald's drive-thru, please get a job.

11. The "nice guy"

While every girl should be with a genuinely nice guy every time, the "nice guy" tends to be anything but. He walks around toting his niceness and claiming that it's the reason girls never want to be with him but actually he's a grade-A douchebag and she should stay far, far away.

12. The one who has a playboy reputation

This guy is no good. He sees you as a sexual conquest and nothing more. If that's what you're into, have a fun night, but don't expect him to stick around (not that you'd want him to, anyway).

13. The one you think you can change

Spoiler alert: you can't.

14. The one who thinks that women owe him sex

Direct quote from a guy I was talking to: "I don't keep girls in my life I can't fuck... just haven't seen a use for having them around other than sex."

Hate to break it to you buddy but just because I have female body parts doesn't mean I want to have sex with you. And under no circumstances are you entitled to my body unless I decide you are.

And for the record, no we can't even be friends

15. The guy who always puts his needs above yours

This boy seems to conveniently forget all the times you go out of your way to help him out but when you ask for a favor he's "busy" or "broke" or just can't. If relationships aren't mutually beneficial, what's the point?

16. The one who only fits you in when it's convenient

This is the guy who'll go days or weeks without texting you back and then all of a sudden expect you to drop everything when he has a spare evening to see you.

17. The guy that can't talk about his feelings

We get it, you feel like you're not a "real man" if you have any emotions. But if I wanted to date an emotionless robot, I would have. Open up to me!

18. The one that won't apologize when he messes up

It's never this guy's fault. It's always yours, the situation's, his parents', his work, or someone else's. This manchild is a baby who refuses to step up and claim responsibility for himself. He's unreliable and unsupportive and generally not the sort of guy you want in your life.

19. The super immature one

You're 24, potty humor isn't cute or funny anymore, grow up please.

20. The one who's only with you for your body

Casual sex can be fun but don't settle for a guy who you're just sex to. Hold out for someone that genuinely likes and cares about you and treats you right.

21. The guy who doesn't let you live your own life

Relationships should be about two people working on themselves, pursuing their own goals and passions, and growing as a person, with someone else who chooses to be along for the ride. If he wants you to drop everything to be with him, let him go.

22. The one who won't be seen with you in public

"If he doesn’t want to be seen with you or want anyone to know about you, chances are he’s a nasty combination of a douchebag, a fuckboy, and he’s probably already dating some other girl. Don’t be the side chick—Be the girl your man wants to proudly show off to the world."

23. The one that doesn't respect your boundaries

If he tries things you aren't comfortable or ignores when you say that something isn't working for you, he's absolutely not worth keeping around.

24. The one that brags about his sexual abilities but doesn't perform to those expectations

"I'm gonna rock your world" "I'll go down on you for an hour"

*Jackhammers sadly for 3 minutes and can't go for a second round*

25. The guy that thinks birth control is only your issue

Listen up fellas, if we're having sex we're both responsible for making sure we're safe. This shouldn't be a fight for me to make sure I'm protected with you callously disregarding my wellbeing. If we're in a relationship, birth control should be a conversation that we have and something that we're both paying attention to, whether it's condoms, birth control pills, or the morning after pill.

26. The one who won't eat you out

Okay, I get it, oral sex isn't for everyone. It's okay not to like it. But if you're going to ask for head and not offer anything in return, we have a problem.

27. The perpetual frat boy

You graduated 3 years ago Brad, put your shirt back on and stop playing rage cage.

28. The one that just doesn't feel right

Don't try to force it to work if it's not going to. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

So ladies, gents, anyone else who dates men, good luck to you. Know which men to stay far, far away from and hopefully you find yourself a catch. May the odds be ever in your favor.