We all had that middle school crush that we look back at now and thank the universe that it never worked out. And we also all sat next to that kid who was a total weirdo in middle school and grew up to be hot as ever. All of our middle school crushed ended up somewhere... and some of them make me thank my lucky stars that we went through that traumatic break up.

1. The kid who had the JB hairflip and rode his skateboard everywhere

He still lives with his parents and works part-time at Steak n Shake. Don't worry though, he just got upgraded to drive thru AND grill ;)

2. The football star

He scored every touchdown in middle school, and he's still #winning by shotgunning beers at his frat. He even has the dad bod that screams "I played football and love beer" to prove it.

3. The kid who always had his homework done

Back in the day he was definitely the go-to-man when it came to needing answers on your worksheet last minute before class started, but today he's the head of every youth group in town ...and he definitely likes to remind you about it on Facebook.

4. The kid who always skipped class so he could roam the hallways and drink Monster

He somehow has found the money to travel the country in his oversized pick-up truck to go to just about every music festival that's out there.

5. The kid who was weirdly into science

Jokes on all of us because he's about to graduate with a 4.0 from the best school in the state and will be making 6 figures next year. Should've hit him up when I had the chance but it's fine, I'm fine.

6. The guy who was friends with every girl but they thought of him as their little brother

He's found a girl who finally sees him as more than friends and has been in a healthy, committed relationship for years now.

7. The kid who pretty much only showed up to class in hopes that there would be girls there wearing yoga pants.

...he has 4 kids already ...with 4 different moms.

8. The kid who loved anime (especially My Little Pony)

Pretty sure he dropped off the face of the earth but I would genuinely love to know how he's doing.

9. The kid who truly thought he had a career in rap someday.

Thank goodness for Soundcloud, he's truly out here living his dream.