I may not be the worlds most interesting woman, but I do try my best not to be a bore. I'm a writer, and I've found that we are about the least boring people you'd ever meet. That being said, I've got a very diverse group of friends, and they add a little spice to my life daily. We talk for hours about anything and everything. You name it and we've said it. I've found that we do, as we all do, love to talk about guys. That being said, they don't take over the conversation. Even the friend who has a boyfriend doesn't talk our ear off about him.

I'm going to say this, and yes it's pretty blunt. If the most interesting thing you have to talk about is your boyfriend- honey, you're screwed.

Some girls meet a boy and become his shadow. They're everywhere he is, and when they're apart, it's a trauma for them, since they're so used to being together. You literally don't remember the last time you saw them without their boyfriend, attached at the hip, like a robot. I'm a great listener, but there is only so much listening I can do before I feel my brain cells dying. I'm single, so yeah I'm allowed to be annoyed and salty they have someone when I don't. But there comes a time when it's genuinely disgusting to me when someone can only talk about their boyfriend in a public and private setting.

You can't base your whole life on this person, even if you marry them. You have to have your own life. You'll literally chase your friends away because they'll get sick of you. I used to be that girl, way back in the day of course, and my friends had to basically tell me to shut up every ten minutes before I got the idea of just how annoying I was being. We're all adults now, and if you can't talk about the cool music you just discovered, or about that night out last week with your girls and feel like you HAVE to mention your boyfriend, you're as good as gone in my mind.

If you replace time with your friends and family with a boyfriend, don't expect them to want to be around you. They probably lost interest in all of your stories. Don't get mad, get it together and stop. In ten years from now, don't be the person at your work function who all your fellow employees avoid. Be the one starting a party game, or telling that story about your day trip to New York with your family for your birthday. Celebrate you outside of a relationship. You can talk about it, but you've got to watch yourself before it's too late.

I'm not here to call out anyone I know, so please don't get offended because I'm simply saying what I want and don't regret it. If you read this and think it applies to you, I think that speaks for itself. I'm all about talking about anything and everything, but if your boyfriend is all you've got to talk about, count me out of the conversation.