I've been seeing a lot of people on the internet lately complaining about other people being happy and I'm kind of tired of it. I woke up and saw an unpopular opinion post on Twitter about couples moving in together.

I was reading through the responses and was shocked by the number of negative comments. Both young and old people alike were saying you need to wait to move in together until marriage. Frankly, I think this is bullshit and let me tell you why.

I don't care how in love you are before tying the knot, you need to live together to get a sense of what sharing a space with your S/O is like.

You and your significant other can be the happiest and most compatible people on Earth, but if you aren't compatible living together that may be a deal-breaker.

Even seeing your partner at their apartment or room every day is different than living with them. Staying over with your partner every weekend is a lot less of a commitment than living with them every single day.

Let me give you an example... Let's say you happen to be a total neat freak to the point where any mess almost makes you uneasy and uncomfortable.

Knowing this, your partner takes extra time to clean up their apartment and make it look nice knowing that you're coming over. In reality, your partner happens to be super messy and never cleans up when he or she is not expecting guests. You get married and soon realize this flaw.

You're totally and completely in love, but realize that you're just not compatible when it comes to living together. This is a hard pill to swallow, but you realize after a few years of trying to make it work that you just can't.

This is absolutely heartbreaking, but this wouldn't have happened if you learned what living with your partner was like before making such a big commitment and getting married.

Truth is, you don't really know someone until you live with them.

It's also easy when living apart to just leave during an argument or shrug quirks off because "it's their house," but when you're living together you're forced to make up and come to agreements.

I know that a lot of religions — including the one that I grew up in — frown heavily upon moving in together before marriage. I know that it can be hard to move in with a significant other when everyone seems to think it's a bad idea.

A lot of older people seem to be super against young people moving in together because it just wasn't as common for them when they were growing up as it is now.

Times are changing and they need to change with it.

Moving in with someone is absolutely essential before marriage and I think everyone should do it. I could never say "I do" without seeing someone's lifestyle or how they live.

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