I didn't think I was ever going to be happy again. Yes, that's super extra and melodramatic, but that's how I felt. Until I met someone new. Someone who's left me completely shook in all senses. When you go through the ending of something you didn't expect to end nor want to, the aftermath of it all doesn't just melt like snow on a warm day.

We think that person is it, the one we were always destined to meet, because we clique so easily and the chemistry is out of this world. However, those little red flags we start to notice at the beginning, are the ones that eat us alive in the end. We aren't ok with it, but we accept it so we aren't stuck alone for a family function or during the winter at school when you just want another warm body in bed with you.

You have to cut that person off, as hard as it may be, and trust me when I say it's absolutley gut wrenching and I've been there. You have to do it because better things are looming for you. No, it might not be right around the corner like cheesey movies might want you to think, because great things take time.

I was a lost soul for about seven months, not knowing whether I was going to go back to the girl I was before he broke me in ways I never expected to happen to me. Granted, things I knew were red flags were things that should have made me be honest with myself and just leave, but I had too much hope to chnage someone who was not going to change as I wanted him to.

I found someone who is everything I could ever ask for in a guy and ten times more. It's all still so fresh and new and pure. I don't know how or when, but I suddenly realized just how happy I was. My thoughts weren't going to him anymore, and what he was doing or who he was doing and why he didn't look me in the eye anymore. Granted, I knew whatever could have been in terms of a possible future friendship fell apart, but now I don't care anymore.

My thoughts were about seeing this new person, who actually texted me back as great as my friends did. We literally have conversations about anything and everything, and theres never a lull, and I never worry about getting left on open or read anymore.

We think that we're never going to find someone to replace that person we thought was irrecplacable, and suffer alone hating everyone we swipe left on on Tinder or Bumble. There literally is someone a thousand times better than the one who broke your heart. This new person will mend your heart, and give you luster when you thought it was gone forever. Trust me when I say you're going to be happy again, and it'll come when you're truly ready.