"But he's a Muslim."

Well, he treats me like a queen.

"But he's a Muslim."

He makes me so happy. Do you not want me to be happy?

"But he's a Muslim."

He is showing me the world.

"He is going to rape you because he is a Muslim."

He loves me.

"He doesn't, especially because he is a Muslim."

Why does someone's religious affiliation deprive me of being allowed to be happy? How does his religion keep him from being a good person? What do you know about Islam other than what you read on Facebook and see on the news?

I have met the most amazing man who treats me the way I deserve to be treated and yes, he is a Muslim. I am open-minded enough to know that not all Muslims are terrorists. They go to school, play sports, laugh, dance and sing. They are HUMAN. But terrorists are more newsworthy, so there is this idea that anyone who claims to be a Muslim is a terrorist. When I was planning my trip to Morocco, I was told I was going into the terrorist country. No, I was going into an Islamic country. Learn the difference.

I don't want to say "Muslims are just like us" like we do with celebrities, but we need to destroy the stereotype. If the only knowledge you have about Islam is what you have heard on the news, then for the love of God keep your mouth shut about my relationship. Christians and Catholics have murdered families and raped children.

It's not a Muslim problem, it's a people problem.

Aside from all of this, my boyfriend is just an amazing man. I have asked at least a million questions about Islam and he is always willing to tell me everything. I will not convert from my faith, but I will continue to learn about Islam and be open-minded and accepting. Just because I am Christian does not mean I have to be closed off and hateful. It was God's plan for us to meet and fall in love.

Why does my happiness suddenly mean nothing because he's Muslim? I am able to see him for who he is, and I can see what a great boyfriend I am blessed with. If you are too close-minded to not see past his religious affiliation, then you are at fault. God has given me the heart to see more in people than what the world sees on the surface. I have also been brave enough to get off my couch and travel the world to formulate my own opinion.

I am not in love with a Muslim. I am in love with a man who is willing to move mountains to be with me and prove to me daily how much he loves me, and he's a Muslim.

It might not be good enough for you, but it is everything I have prayed for.