As I get older, the more frequently me being a virgin comes up. To answer your first question, yes, being a virgin is and has been difficult, but it is something that is very important to me.

However, it does not make me perfect, in fact, I am far from it. I do not think I am better than you in any way just because you have had sex and I haven't.

I am still human, I do all the same things you do. I am greatly flawed. I make mistakes, I sin, because I am simply human, I was not made to be perfect. I fall, I make bad decisions and I learn from them. I have acne and I have scars. I have physical and emotional flaws, just like everyone else.

My virginity does not define me, sex is simply something that I have not done yet, and that is something you need to accept.

You do not need to treat me like a piece of glass that will shatter at any given moment. I am strong and independent, I can take care of myself.

Just because I am a virgin does not mean I am incapable of love.

I am capable of being in a relationship and falling in love just as much as the next person. I can still be physical without having sex and giving up my virginity.

If I like you, I'm not just going to jump your bones. I am going to give my virginity to the one person that I love the most, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, have children and grow old with. I want it to be special between me and that man. Because once it is gone, I can't get it back.

I do not judge you at all if you are not a virgin. I cannot stress this enough. I honestly do not care and it does not bother me. I have made the decision to wait and that is my personal business. It is also none of my business whether or not you have made the same decision.

I do not want you to feel like I look down on you or judge you for having sex. We are equals who have made different decisions and that is OK!

Being a virgin does not make me a prude, naive, or innocent. So stop viewing virgins as fragile and treat them as they deserve, like normal human beings. Please and thank you.

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