Disclaimer: Probably going to be a lot of spoilers.

OK, I LOVE Netflix's new hit show "Outer Banks." If you asked me to pick a favorite character, I might internally lean toward John B, but I could never choose out loud. John B, JJ, Pope, and Kie are all amazing in their own ways, and I fell in love with their friendship. It was a bond that "Riverdale" could never replicate, and I was sure this season would start and end with this "Mystery Gang" hodgepodge of teens.

Oh boy, was I wrong...

Well, I could have been right, if it wasn't for my least favorite character: Sarah Cameron. And I have no problem admitting that out loud. Sarah's sudden placement in this group of friends, and in John B's life, was completely irrelevant. And I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion since their "love story" is a main storyline, but hear me out.

First off, John B and his friends have lived a life that Sarah Cameron could never even attempt to relate to. They try to live it up and be as happy as possible, but their inner turmoil is not lost. And they've been with each other through it all — JJ and John B have been best friends since third grade. I'll admit, though, that's no reason to not like someone — her upbringing is not her fault. However, it's the fact that she sees their life and all its turmoil as some "fun game."

She wants to live this life with them because she's essentially bored. Bored of the rich life and its "expectations" like we're all bored of quarantine. OK then. No matter how much she tried to be one of them, it was seriously cringe-worthy to watch. She didn't fit in with them, and she was taking John B away from the people who had been there for him since day one.

Let's not forget Sarah Cameron was flabbergasted at how "rude" John B was after her Daddy fired him, and he now had no money for food or rent. She just couldn't comprehend why someone would be so upset about that. She was too busy worried about why a boy wasn't kissing her feet and was actually telling her how it is for once.

But whatever, she's his "true love," right?

She's taken at least ten seconds to consider him and what he's gone through in life... oh wait, no, she hasn't.

Like I said, one of the most infuriating things about their relationship, though, was how it went from John B and his friends to John B and Sarah. Where was John B when his childhood best friend was getting arrested? Oh yeah, with Sarah. Where was John B after JJ's incident with his father? With Sarah, once again. If it wasn't for her, he would have been by his best friend's side when he needed him most.

Then there was that thing with Kie — the one where she was totally betrayed by Sarah. My heart truly broke hearing what Sarah did to Kie, because the very same thing happened to me during my first year of high school. My best friend betrayed me, for no apparent reason, and left me utterly alone in a school full of people I didn't know. It's not an easy thing to deal with, especially when that person is spreading rumors about you, and Kie had every right to be upset about it and not trust Sarah.

And then Sarah barely apologized. She just used the "I don't trust people to get close to me" response, which can be validated with something in the past, but for Sarah, it sounded more like a character flaw. What really got me, though, was before they made-up, Sarah seriously acted like KIE had done something wrong... Like how?! And why the heck would John B ever want to be with someone so petty, someone who had treated one of his friends so horribly when that's the exact opposite of who he and his friends are?

Not to mention, Kie is the one meant for John B — even if it's not time yet.

And how great of a person can Sarah Cameron really be if she couldn't just break up with Topper before kissing John B MULTIPLE times? I'm not here to defend Topper, because he'll never even be half the man John B is, but the fact that Sarah can't even be decent enough to not cheat really shows her true colors.

At the end of the day, it made zero sense to me that Sarah Cameron was the one on that boat with John B as opposed to any of his friends. Honestly, John B should have been on that boat with JJ — the one who desperately wanted to escape his abusive father.

John B should have been on that boat with his best friend. Or, he should have been on that boat alone, with his friends helping him escape like they did. But he should NOT have been on that boat with Sarah. Sarah Cameron should have never been involved in that treasure hunt, nonetheless, with John B.

This season started with John B and his friends, and it should have ended that way, too. Sorry, not sorry.

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