I would always run for the hills when anything started to get serious.

Growing up I wasn't like one of those girls who wanted/needed a boyfriend all the time, in fact—I didn't want one at all. I even recall one of my friends asking if I was a lesbian at one point because I wasn't dating, and I said, "tragically no, I am attracted to men."

I never even took dating seriously, yes, of course, I would have crushes, but they were usually pretty fleeting.

Dating seemed like a chore, just something to get through.

Then when I entered college I would be "seeing" a lot of different guys usually at once because you know, why not? And all of these guys were nice enough, but there was always no spark that made me want to be something more with them.

The idea of this "spark" seemed to be something that everyone talked about but I never really experienced it, now looking back I realize that I was kind of convincing myself to have that "spark" with past boyfriends. I see now that a spark isn't something that will ignite over time, it's either there or it's not.

If you find yourself trying to figure out if you have this "spark" with someone, that's when you should stop right there—and rethink things because you shouldn't have to question it, you will absolutely just know if a connection is there. I am a pretty rational human being as well and I always would think to analyze the relationship and see if I really liked that person. No, honey, no.

Once you find a person with that "spark," you never know what the future holds.

Who knows if it will last, or if they are the one, but damn it if you don't try to make it work, cause those sparks don't come around that often, so treasure it while you got it.

As cliche as it sounds, and everyone says it all the time but here it is again, "when the right one comes along you'll really know it". You won't feel that there's a need to force feelings or ignite a fake spark. There won't be any games being played because you will just know that this person is who you want to be with.