Let's face it, New Year's is not only a holiday for welcoming in the new year, but it is also a holiday spent kissing your significant other as the clock chimes midnight. Fortunately and unfortunately for college students, New Year's is also a holiday that we get to spend back in our hometowns. In one sense, this is amazing to be back home with your friends and family, sleeping in your bed. However, this also means that you probably won't get the luxury of welcoming the New Year with your significant other. Here are 5 reasons why New Year's is the worst holiday for college students in a relationship.

1. You don't get a New Year's kiss.

The biggest and most exciting part about New Year's is when the clock finally strikes midnight and you get to welcome in the new year with your significant other by sealing it with a kiss. Unfortunately, if you don't get to spend this wonderful holiday with your significant other, watching everyone else give each other kisses really puts a damper on the holiday.

2. There's no one to cuddle up and watch fireworks with.

The fireworks are one of the grandest spectacles of the night and getting to watch them with your significant other is amazing, unless they're miles away. This, unfortunately, really makes the whole night kind of sad when you're alone and cold outside watching fireworks.

3. The very likely possibility that all of your friends are boo'd up.

New Years is prime time for you to end up being the third wheel. Going back home to all of your friends and their dates not only does it make you miss your own date more, but it also gives you flashbacks to constantly being the third wheel.

4. When it's New Year's at your house, it might not be New Year's at theirs.

My boyfriend lives 10 states away which means the time change really messes with your head on a day like New Year's. When he is wishing me a Happy New Year in his state, it'll barely be 10 p.m. in mine. This time difference alone is enough to make New Year's a really lame holiday.

5. You end up watching the countdown with your parents on the couch.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but sitting on the couch with them on New Year's is not ideal. Spending this holiday away from your significant other makes sitting on the couch with your family a very real possibility.