Yes. I've come to terms to accept this inevitable fate.

"Nice guys finish last."

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine quoted this to me in our guy chat we created during my time in community college about one of his closest friends he grew up with, a 19-year-old girl who, a couple of years ago, moved from Valley Stream, New York to California. He cherishes her charm, misses her, and longs for her affection. Unfortunately for him, the girl he loves hardly ever speaks to him, maybe once or twice a week at most, and it honestly kills him. So he assumes the worst and tells me the what all emotionally kind and sweet male human beings come to terms with.

"Nice guys finish last."

Now being that same, kind gentlemen he is, I can relate to him on a spiritual level and agree with his notion through my relationship experiences myself. However, I've come to a point in which I've completely stopped complaining about it and not using it as an excuse.

Nice guys finish what?

Studying Biology and Evolution really opened my eyes to some incredible things about love in nature.

In nature, there is no such thing as a "nice guy."

The point of an individual of a certain species is to increase its inclusive fitness (rB> C, its relative benefit to kin multiplied by its relatedness must be greater than the fitness cost to have a favorable allele) by means of reproduction, taking care and raising its kin, and allowing your kin to be strong enough to raise its own.

Outside of human beings, animals do not have career paths or schooling; their lives are based solely on survival and sexual reproduction and the male that has the genes and alleles favorable to an individual female is the one that will reproduce (sorry, roses and a dinner date simply won't work here).

Here's an example:

Peacocks are relatively well known for mating rituals. The males usually are the more colorful, vibrant sex and have large, bright tail feathers (you might have seen them at your local zoo). The females, for the most part, are brown colored and drab and do not possess the large tail feathers that males have (sorry ladies).

The more colorful and vibrant the males are, the more successful a male will be in mating a female, thus leading to the reproduction of his own offspring and increasing his "fitness."

So whenever love doesn't seem to be going well for you, remember this. Yes, "nice guys finish last."'s only natural.