Let's cut to the chase here. I don't want kids at my wedding. Kids and babies at a wedding, though can be super cute all dressed up in suits, dresses or even costumes is downright adorable. I get it, I really do, I mean I would be lying if I didn't admit that my wedding Pinterest board didn't have a few kids in there. Though, when I actually picture my big day, I don't see how having a bunch of unpredictable kids running around would seem appealing.

Now before you go all “oh my kids are so well behaved they wouldn't be so quiet." I don't know about you, but for all the weddings I have been to, the kids always end up crying, complaining or causing some kind of unnecessary stress. The day is already going to be filled with little moments that could potentially go wrong and adding kids to that list just doesn't seem very appealing.

Another note to make is how much of a buzz kill kids are. My fiancé and I like to have a good time, so we will absolutely be having alcohol during our festivities and will be expecting our guests to partake in having a few glasses of something. Kids mean a good chunk of people aren't going to be able to drink, and as silly as that sounds, it's a mood killer.

We also plan on having the festivities go on late into the night. Aka after party or bar crawl. Now unless you are over the age of bar crawls or wedding after parties, we fully expect you to join in. When you bring kids into the mix, it stops you from going to the after party.

If you haven't gotten the idea of the atmosphere of the wedding we are trying to curate, to be more direct, we are having an adult theme. Since my fiancé and I are getting married “young" in the eyes of most people, we kind of what to keep it that vibe.

When I say young, I don't mean, paw patrol, we mean we're in our twenties. The music will most likely be loud, probably a little mouthy in the lyrics. I personally don't want to deal with your complaints about your kids feeling uncomfortable.

On maybe a more understanding note, when you bring kids to the wedding, it's just another cost to add to the list of things. While you may not think it's such a big deal, but a lot of vendors and venues count kids when it comes to their people limit.

We are already keeping our list below 100 people, having to remove certain guests from our list to accommodate for your kids isn't fair for us. So say, we were to choose your kids over our more personal guests, a lot of vendors require a selection for children foods, seating, drinks, etc. It's just an extra thing that we'd be adding to our mile-long list of things we already have to worry about.

So please, if you are invited to a wedding that is kid-free, it's not that the brides and grooms have an issue with your kids, it's a matter of being respectful and understanding to their wishes.