Nowadays we only communicate through text, honk when we're outside waiting and sit on our phones when we're together. It wasn't always like this. Men used to actually ask women out on dates, just to get to know each other. There was no exchanging numbers or Snapchat usernames prior to seeing each other. It was innocent and sweet getting to know one another during their adorable and timeless dates. Now it's just wishful thinking that a boy will ask you on one of these perfect old-fashion dates. Right? Wrong.

Try any of these old-fashioned dates if you're a young girl with an old soul:

1. Going dancing

Dancing needs to be brought back and be deemed socially acceptable and normal. And I'm not talking about going to the bar or club and grinding. This date should be good, clean fun on the dance floor together.

2. Bringing flowers to the door

Really, this sweet tradition should have never ended. I mean, when did we decide that honking our car horns or sending a text that says "here" when we're waiting outside become okay? Get yourself a man that comes to your door to greet you and pick you up for your date. Bonus points if he opens the car door for you!

3. Handwritten letters or poems

Can you even imagine a time where we wrote down how we feel on paper instead of sending it through Snapchat so it disappears in ten seconds? Man, what a time to be alive.

4. Drive-in movie

This date idea reminds me of the movie Grease when Danny takes Sandy to the drive-in. Perfect idea for a nice summer night together.

5. Parking

Couples really used to drive until they found a good spot to park and watch the stars and be alone together. How simple and sweet.

6. Splitting a milkshake

We seriously need more adorable shake and malt shops around here. Putting two straws in a shake to share is a date that everyone has to go on at some point in their lives, It's way too cliche and cute not to.

7. Going to the roller rink

This is way cooler than going ice skating. So much more old-fashion. It's possible you'll either need practice or experience, but still a must do.

8. Visiting the carnival

Imagine yourself in Ally from The Notebook's place. A cute boy named Noah just climbed the ferris wheel trying to ask you on a date. Now tell me that's not what you wish you had.

9. Challenging each other at the bowling alley

Why doesn't anyone like to take their date to the bowling alley anymore? It's such a classic and fun date.

10. Bike ride

Everyone always talks about cheap date ideas, but here is a perfect one. Leaving your phones behind and taking the bikes on a trail together is such a cute and unique date idea.

11. Setting up a picnic

If a guy asked me on a date, then set up a picnic for us somewhere, I'd know right then that I had made the right choice. It's such a thoughtful and simple thing to do for someone.