When You're 1 Month Into The Relationship Vs. 1 Year Into The Relationship

When You're 1 Month Into The Relationship Vs. 1 Year Into The Relationship

Their absence weighs heavily on your heart. It's hard not to feel upset when you have to sleep in your bed alone. When they leave, it's like they take a part of you with them.


On December 21st, I had the pleasure of celebrating 365 days together with my boyfriend. Even though it's been a few days since then, I still tear up when I think about it. Anyone that's been in a relationship for one or more years knows how big of a deal it is.

But if you haven't experienced that yet, the best way that I can explain it is that it's an emotional celebration. It makes you think about all the memories you've made thus far. It makes you think back on where your relationship began, versus where you and your S.O. are now.

In honor of that journey, I wanted to show how much your relationship can change from dating one month to dating one year.

Friends and family

Nick Preite

One month: You think that it's important to meet and get to know their family and friends. You might feel some pressure and anxiety because you really want them to like you.

One year: You've probably started to consider your S.O. as part of your family. Maybe you even plan on having kids with them someday (or a few dogs and cats, if you don't want to be a parent).


Nicole Osztrogonacz

One month: You've started to get to know each other. Maybe you still feel uncomfortable about some things, like shaving your legs in front of him or stuffing your face full of food. But that's okay! At some point, you'll learn to love each other's quirks and everyday habits.

One year: You don't feel awkward or embarrassed around them anymore. They know practically everything about you, from the way you shimmy into your jeans to the way you spray perfume in the morning. Your partner feels like an extension of yourself. You consider you and your S.O. to be a package deal.


Nick Preite

One month: Even though you're in a relationship with each other, you get insecure sometimes, and need reassurance that what you have is real, strong, and lasting. That can come in the form of long texts, nighttime phone calls, flowers, or just some extra "I love you's."

One year: It doesn't hurt to have reassurance, but you don't need it as much as you used to. It's such a comforting feeling, knowing that someone will always be by your side. It's nice to always know where you stand.

Being affectionate

Nick Preite

One month: You want to kiss each other all the time. Everything is so overwhelmingly passionate. You may feel like teenagers again.

One year: By now, you know that being affectionate isn't just about making out or touching. It's about tucking them into bed when they fall asleep. It's about buying them coffee when you know they have to stay up studying. It's about taking their temperature when they're sick. It's about holding hands, giving forehead kisses, and holding them close to you.

Hanging out with each other

Nicole Osztrogonacz

One month: You want to hang out with them all the time. You're so excited about your new relationship and all of the milestones that come with it. You look forward to all of the future dates.

One year: With time and experiences, you become so connected to them. Their absence weighs heavily on your heart. It's hard not to feel upset when you have to sleep in your bed alone. When they leave, it's like they take a part of you with them.


Nick Preite

One month: If you're stressed about something, you might rant to your S.O. or to one of your friends. At times you might refrain from telling your partner too much because you don't want to burden them with your drama and struggles.

One year: When something bad happens, they're the first person that you call. You know that they will always have your back. Sometimes you rely on them to cheer you up, motivate you, or help you with your problems.

The future

Joseph Miller

One month: Every now and then, your mind may drift off, considering what a future with them might be like. Maybe they stay over for the night, and you wonder if you'll ever live together with them. Maybe you see them holding their younger brother and you wonder if they'll ever hold your child. You don't like to linger on those thoughts and have expectations, though, in case everything doesn't work out.

One year: You can't imagine a future without them in it. Your dreams and goals now involve them: living together, getting married, etc. You feel blessed to have met someone so special and so perfect for you. You want them by your side as both of you work hard to make your dreams a reality.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

To The Boyfriend Who Makes It Feel Like Valentine's Day Every Single Day Of The Year

I couldn't ask for better.


If love is in the air and it's all over your Instagram feed, that can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is approaching.

When it comes to Valentine's Day, people typically try to go over the top and demonstrate how much love they have for someone else through giving gifts. Whether that's flowers, chocolates, or going out to dinner, the gifts are meant to show that it's a special day that's all about the person they love.

That's not the case for me.

Valentine's Day is just another day to me. The love I receive from my boyfriend on a daily basis makes me feel like a queen every day, so nothing will really change once February 14th rolls around.

To him, I just want to say two things: thank you, and I love you.

Growing up, I never thought I would know a love as wholesome as yours. I sure as hell never thought I would deserve it, either, but you've shown me my worth and what real love feels like.

I used to not know my worth. I used to only know love as something that turned toxic and controlling. You changed all of that once you came into my life. You have shown me a healthy love that was trusting and unconditional, and I'll love you forever because of that.

I don't need Valentine's Day to know how much you love me. I don't need flowers, chocolates, or anything material to know that you see the rest of your life by my side. I know all of these things because you consistently show me that they're true on a daily basis.

You show me love in everything you do, whether that's holding the door open for me when we go out to eat, asking me how my day was, or making sure that my mental health is okay. You always greet me with a hug and a kiss, and you make me feel like I'm the most important person in the entire world.

You don't need to demonstrate a grand gesture to prove to me that you love me because I've never once doubted your feelings for me. You always tell me how beautiful I am and all of the things you love about me. I'm so thankful to be so head over heels for someone who cares about me with all of their heart.

I could never ask for someone better than you to be my partner in crime. You know me better than I know myself and I love every fiber of who you are. I know that in everything you do, you have me in your mind and your heart. You've shown me what it means to truly love someone, and for that, I'm so grateful.

Thank you for showing me what I deserve, and thank you for making every day feel like the most romantic holiday on the calendar. I love you.

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If You're Grossed Out By PDA, Then Don't Look At Me And My Boyfriend Kissing, Easy As That

Building my relationship and showing my boyfriend how much I love him will always be more important than catering to someone's bitterness.


Whenever I see two people kiss, I always smile to myself briefly before looking away. That may sound weird, but honestly, there's something really heartwarming about knowing that other people are happy and in love. In a world that all too often seems full of hatred, heartbreak, and suffering, I try to value little moments of love. I've always felt this way, regardless of whether I was moody or happy, single or cuffed, and having a good or bad day. But apparently, other people, as I've recently found out, don't feel the same way.

"Do you two ever brush your teeth?"

"Are you picking bugs off of each other?"

*Other various glares and audibly annoyed sounds*

Talk about a mood killer, right?

I'll never get what possesses people to say stuff like that when there's a simple solution to this problem.

Don't like it? Don't look.

No one is forcing you to watch us be affectionate with each other. You can easily turn around, check the notifications on your phone, or talk to whoever you're with instead.

I've kissed my boyfriend in LOADS of places: restaurants, bus stops, school buildings, carnivals, parks, beaches, cars, apartments, social gatherings, and so on... And I can promise you that even when you act disgusted by what we're doing or make a nasty comment about us, we're not going to stop. So there's really no point in wasting your breath or expending energy on overdramatic facial expressions.

Even if just for a brief moment, try to think about why a couple might be showing affection for each other in public. (News flash: They're not doing it to deliberately make you comfortable.) It's more than likely that these two people are making the most of a moment.

They're happy and in love. There's nothing wrong with that.

On the flip side, why are you making such a big deal out of something that doesn't involve you whatsoever? My guess is that you're either unbearably lonely, jealous because your own relationship isn't suiting your needs, or just generally coldhearted. If any of those scenarios are true, I wouldn't be surprised. You chose to be hateful and rude over being civil and staying out of matters that don't personally involve you.

Regardless of the circumstance, it's a you problem that you need to work out on your own time.

Just like communication and effort, affection is an important part of a relationship. I want my boyfriend to know that regardless of where we are or who is around us, I will never be embarrassed or reluctant to kiss him or touch him. His feelings guide my behavior. He's my #1 priority. Building my relationship and showing my boyfriend how much I love him will always be more important than catering to someone's bitterness.

You can't avoid being around happy couples in public (really, we're everywhere), but you can change your reaction to them. And that's that.

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