I entered this cuffing season with an awesome guy. I thought I had finally met someone who I could introduce to my parents after having such success with my friends, but it was not to be.

We broke things off so he could go off for the Navy and really figure his life out, leaving me to wonder why I had to meet this person to have him taken away just as quickly.

I expected to end up painfully single all over again, not thinking I could find someone to possibly top my ex. But I did.

Do you know when something comes completely out of left field and catches you by utter surprise in the best way possible? I'm not one to have ever experienced such a phenomenon, not with a guy, especially when it's so deep into cuffing season.

During cuffing season, everyone usually finds their person, whether it's a dating relationship or a situationship, by Christmas break at the absolute latest.

It's definitely offputting when you go through a breakup in the middle of January, and you're left with nothing but yourself and a lot of leftover Christmas candy. Are there even any good guys left out there? If someone's still on Tinder in January they've either become freshly single or have been single for a lot longer for a variety of reasons. Many of those reasons may not be what any single girl wants to hear.

Granted, everything is so fresh with this guy, it has only been about two weeks of talking, but it feels like so much longer. We connected instantaneously, and I can't say I expected that right off the bat. Some people you just have instant chemistry with, and he is one of those people. I feel like when you're talking to someone if you aren't feeling that chemistry within the first week or so of talking, there's nothing there. Don't settle to have someone that you feel absolutely no electricity for.

I think that even though cuffing season is technically over, you should never give up. It's not easy to keep putting yourself out there, especially when you think there's no one out there to top your ex. The ex that you had no faults with, who checked box after box of things you wanted, Let me say, there definitely is someone that can top them, and you'll only meet him when the timing is right. Sometimes you have to lose someone you thought was so great to find someone even greater. You can learn a lot about yourself through losing someone you thought had it all, just to gain everything you thought you'd never have and more.

This boy isn't my boyfriend (yet). I like who I've been getting to know quite a lot, and I'm thankful he's taking the leap to get to know me on more than just a superficial level. That being said, your person could be out there right now, and all you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open.