Whether you plan to tune into the Olympic or Paralympic Games or not, chances are you've seen the buzz around Paris 2024's new emblem while scrolling through social media over the last couple of days.

In case you haven't seen the Paris 2024 logo, though (see above), it's a gold medal with a flame inside with some lips (but no eyes or nose) that they named Marianne. Upon being posted on Monday, October 21, the emblem received so many reactions, including one that points out how strikingly similar it is to the well-known Tinder logo — or reminiscent of any hot dating app really.

Twitter, specifically, is blowing up with said reactions and the comparisons are so funny, I truly can't unsee them. Here are 9 of the funniest tweets about #Paris2024, because honestly, I can't stop swiping through them:

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