PDA, Are You Here For It? These 19 People Get Very Honest About It

PDA, Are You Here For It? These 19 People Get Very Honest About It

There are two sides and a thin line in between, but when does a couple cross the line?


In a generation that's very caught up on hook-up culture, it's refreshing to see couples out in public enjoying one another's company; however, where there are couples in public, PDA is sure to follow.

But what is PDA?

PDA is short for public displays of affection. The name is self-explanatory, but formally, it's defined as acts of physical intimacy in view of others.

Some couples display small and sweet amounts of PDA that live up to all of our rom-com fantasies; others border the intense and make others very, very uncomfortable.

There's two sides and a thin line in between, but when does a couple cross that line?

I asked 20+ people where they drew their line, and here's what they said.

1. Check your surroundings.

"It depends on your surroundings. You could make out at a party but not on the steps of church. Small gestures are totally fine and actually cute. Taking it to the max is when I cringe." -Jordan, 20

2. Golden Rule

"If you don't like it when other people do it, then don't do it." -Madi, 19

3. Less is More.

"Personally, I love PDA... kisses, hand holding, and hugs only though. More intimate acts should be saved for a more private space." -Raegan, 18

4. Private meets public.

"There's a certain line where private and public meet. Kissing and such is okay, but anything past is too much." -Spencer, 18

5. Think about the parentals.

"If it isn't something you would feel uncomfortable doing in front of your parents, then you shouldn't do it in public." -Madison, 21

6. No saliva, please.

"Holding hands and a small peck goodbye are okay, but when you can see saliva oozing out of the mouths of two people going at it, that's where I draw my line." -Jenny, 19

7. Mouth babies are a no.

"If you're making babies with your mouth, you need to get a room."- Jackie, 19

8. Keep it special.

"Moments like that are meant to stay private; that's what makes them special, and I don't want to share those moments with lots of people." -Maggie, 22

9. There's NEVER a good time for swallowing face.

"A quick kiss, holding hands, a hug is totally fine for PDA, but anything else is too much. I hate walking to class and seeing people swallowing each other's faces at 7:30 am." -Shelby, 19

10. Hands to yourself.

"Making out in public and hands under clothes is not okay for public viewing, but it really just depends on how you present yourself." -Dakota, 18

11. Occasional and not too hard.

"Holding hands and the occasional kiss is cool, but when you're basically dry humping or kissing so hard that there's a lot of noise, it's too much." -Ethan, 23

12. Sexual touching is a no go.

"Making out or any sort of touching that would be considered sexual is too far, but a peck, a hug, or holding hands would be fine." -Joe, 18

13. Stay mindful.

"Being comfortable with someone enough to give a simple kiss, hug, or holding their hand is completely acceptable, but you have to be thoughtful of other people and understand that everyone reacts to PDA differently. Save what should be between a couple between a couple." Madison, 21

14. Keep it modest.

Hugging and kissing but not sucking face. Holding hands is good, too." -Keith, 44

15. Kid appropriate.

"If you wouldn't do it in front of your (future) kids, then maybe it's not a good idea." -Savannah, 19

16. Side hugs ONLY

"Side hugs are my limit." -Melanie, 39

17. Respect thy neighbor.

I was raised believing there is an appropriate time for everything. PDA should be kept respectful." William, 57

18. Grandparent certified.

"If you wouldn't do it in front of your grandparents, you shouldn't be doing it in public." -Kendyl, 20

19. High five, man!

"A high five and a fist bump is sufficient, but only if you're married." -John, 57

Keep it simple.

Most people all agree that hugging, a quick kiss, and holding hands are acceptable forms of PDA. From ages 19-63, most views are the same. Simplicity is key.

So. Keep it sweet. Keep it simple.

Most importantly, keep it PG-13.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

I’ve Been Both 8 Hours And 8 Minutes Away From My Boyfriend, And Trust Me, Distance Sucks

Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder... and work harder.


In the two and a half years that I've been with my boyfriend, we've done our fair share of distance including living eight hours away from each other, living one hour away from each other, and living exactly 10 minutes down the road from each other (eight minutes if you manage to hit every light on green).

Because we've literally done it all and know it first hand, I assumed that everyone else was on the same page as we were: the longer the distance, the harder things are. Apparently, I was mistaken as I stumbled upon this article, claiming that people who are in short distance relationships have it just as hard as people in long relationships.

I'm sorry... what?

First of all, let me say that if you have never been in a relationship with a significant amount of distance between you and your partner (and I'm talking more than an hour), you definitely don't get it. You definitely do not understand having so spend either a full day in the car or a full paycheck on airfare to see your significant other. You don't understand having to account for the time difference between you two when calling each other. You don't understand the feeling of knowing that the person who means the most to you is creating memories every day that you'll never be included in.

And I'm not even going to get into the amount of trust that you need to have...

I understand that even in short distance no matter how close you live to one another, you will never be with each other 24/7 (at least you shouldn't be, because you both need space) and you will inevitably miss each other the second one of you leaves. Missing somebody even after a few minutes and miles between the two of you is a valid feeling. And yes, missing somebody is incredibly hard, even if it is just in a short distance relationship.

The difference is that you'll likely see your significant other again in a day or two. When you say goodbye you know that it's only temporary and that missing them will be over within a few days when you're reunited. In a short distance relationship, you don't have to experience the agony that comes along with missing someone for weeks upon weeks on end and spending each day obsessively checking your mental countdown until you get to see your other half again.

By no means does long distance make the love more real and by no means does short distance mean that you two have a stronger bond by being able to see each other every day. Both types of relationships require real love and real feelings of missing each other. But don't you dare belittle my long distance relationship by saying you have it just as hard and miss your boyfriend just as much. Until you have experienced living hours away and no longer having the luxury of being with each other whenever you want, you'll never understand how distance truly does make the heart grow fonder and work harder.

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Take Note from Ari and Pete’s Breakup: You Can’t Rush Timing In Relationships

Sometimes in relationships, timing is everything.

Dr King
Dr King

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have officially split, and sadly I can't say that I didn't see this coming.

It seems as though ever since they announced their engagement in June, there has been a whirlwind of controversy surrounding their abrupt relationship. At first people were head over heels in love with the pairing because of Pete's big dick energy. Then things quickly went downhill not too long after his joke about the Manchester bombings at Ariana's concert last year resurfaced. I could easily talk about all the questionable things Pete has said or done that may have caused their breakup—but I think there's a more important lesson we could take into consideration from this. Sometimes in relationships, timing is everything.

Not much has been reported about their breakup other than the fact that it was supposedly "not the right time" for their relationship to continue, but can you blame them? Besides, it usually takes several months before you can truly say you know someone. Even then it's still hard to tell who a person truly is until you've been living with them for a while. Considering they practically got engaged within weeks of casually dating, I'd say that their relationship escalated pretty quickly. I can't judge their decision and say it was stupid, but part of me feels like maybe Ariana didn't truly know what she was getting herself into when they got engaged so fast.

For starters, she had already just gotten out of a long-term relationship with late Mac Miller which she described as a "toxic" relationship. Maybe she could have used more time to heal after that breakup. Also, maybe if she and Pete had waited a little longer before getting so serious then she would have reacted differently to some red flags of Pete's immature tendencies and very obscene humor. Part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because he's a comedian and therefore most likely uses jokes as a way to cope with serious stuff. However, when it gets to the point that Ariana has a mental breakdown via Twitter after being publicly groped at a funeral by a pastor and not even a full week later has to deal with thousands of people blaming her for the death of her ex-boyfriend then that's when you know she needs a rock to lean for a boyfriend rather than a goofball.

But like I said before, this isn't one of those situations where we can go through a list of Pete's shortcomings and blame him for the downfall of the relationship. Relationships are a lot like flowers. Even when they seem like the most beautiful thing on earth, they still need a solid foundation to grow upon, and that solid foundation starts with ideal timing. If you truly want to find the one you're meant to be with, it's not something you can rush into.

Dr King
Dr King

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