People get so caught up in others business, especially their relationship business. People feel like they have a right to judge others and gossip about their relationship.

There is no perfect relationship...except maybe Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds, but they aren't even human so...

Thing is, there are so many types of relationships that work for other people that may not work for you. There is no reason to start shit over something that really has nothing to do with your daily life. It will not affect you or harm you in any way so why be so nasty about something you don't understand.

There are so many types of relationships that are so unique and diverse that suit different personalities.

One type of relationship people judge is the "break up and make up" couple. Look, it totally is annoying when your friend calls you for the millionth time about the "break up," but that's her business.

Unless he/she is treating them badly then stay out of it and keep your comments about how they should stay broken up to yourself.

They clash sometimes and may knick you in the process, but when they are together their love is magnetic.

Another relationship type is the "fights like cats and dogs" couple.

This couple is different than the one above because they never actually break up, but sometimes it seems like they will or you kinda wish they would.

They fight over every little thing and I'm sure people think it's crazy but it's actually their way. It means they have good communication and maybe they just like to fight, so who are we to judge.

One relationship that doesn't get talked about much but judged severely is the "lesbian/gay/trans" relationship. People will say, "ew" when the couple kisses in public or they will make fun of them or even worse they may get attacked.

You need to keep your head held high while knowing that your love is true and more pure that those people's dark hearts.

Or the "we fell in love young (and possibly got married young)" relationship, which gets owned for so many reasons that is no ones business. "Did she get pregnant? Are they religious? It won't last they don't know what they want."

Maybe, just maybe, they are in love and know exactly what they are committing to, Susan.

As I write, I keep thinking about even more types of relationships, my own included.

The one that a lot of people talk some real shit on is the "age gap" relationship. Look, age is a thing. It does matter. It matters when it's a fourteen year old girl and a thirty year old guy. That is creepy AF, but an age gap between two adults? Not so creepy.

As a twenty three year old (yes, I'm twenty three), having the choice to date how I want and who I want is my own and my right. No one can judge me because they are not in my life nor my relationship.

Please, keep your judgment to yourself.

And my favorite, the "I love myself" relationship. This one gets so much shit for being in a committed relationship to yourself. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself or your career first. Maybe you just love your job and that's enough for you right now.

So much gossip revolves around other's business. It's dumb because relationships are supposed to be amazing and happy things but people pull others down with their bullshit drama and harsh words.

Your relationship is yours and you know what it's about. You know each other and love each other, so don't listen to haters who aren't there behind closed doors. We all know those who judge aren't perfect and they have their skeletons and issues behind closed doors. At least you are honest and upfront about your baggage with your SO.

You do you and I'll do me.

Mind your own damn business and I'll mind mine.

Love who you want and I'll love who I want.

Moral of all this: There is no "right" relationship, because whatever you feel is what's right. So don't stress over petty gossip and other drama or what the perfect relationship "should" be.

You got this. You're doing it right.

How do I know?

Because love is love, no matter what type of relationship you are in.