Last night we finally got to see who Peter's mom, Barb, was telling him to bring home and, honestly... it was unexpected, to say the least.

But along with that surprise, we also caught some very interesting conversations between Peter and his mother and Twitter seemed pretty surprised by (and even a little upset with) Barb.

But after seeing those convos unfold, it's crystal clear what marrying into Peter's family would be like. Here are 10 things you probably understand if you've ever dated a guy with a mom like Barb Weber:

1. He will hold his mom's opinion high (possibly higher than his own)


2. Whenever you and her son fight, she's going to take his side

3. Her son can do no wrong — no matter what


4. She tries to make decisions for him (because she thinks she knows what he wants before he does)

5. She will always voice her opinion, even if it hurts you


6. If she likes you, she really likes you and if she doesn't, good luck

7. Her facial expressions say it all


8. She knows every up and down about his relationships, yes even the sex stuff

9. She knows best about relationships because hers is perfect


10. She'll bring out the tears when necessary

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