15 College Students Confess The Pettiest Thing They’ve Ever Done When It Comes To Love And Hookups

Have your feelings for another person ever caused you to do something out of your character? I know mine have.

Earlier in the year, I started doing workouts at an MMA gym. Occasionally one of the instructors and I flirted a little bit here and there. I was never really into blondes, but I figured it was worth it if I could work my magic and flaunt him off on snapchat to make one of my exes jealous. I noticed another one of the instructors was more obvious about his liking for me so I used that to my advantage too just in case. I even agreed to go on a free trip with both of them to South Carolina at the end of spring break. Long story short, they both caught on to the fact that I was using them and my plan backfired severely.

I wondered if other people also had the same kind of experiences or if I was just crazy so I created a survey, asking college students what the pettiest thing is that they've ever done. Here are 15 of the pettiest responses.

1. Subtweeted their ex

"I subtweet my exes tweets about me." - Female, 21

2. Changed their boyfriend's passcode

"My boyfriend at the time lied about this pool party he was attending so I changed the passcode on his phone so he couldn't get in it." - Female, 22

3. Slept with their ex-boyfriend's best friend

"I fucked my ex-boyfriend's best friend more than I fucked him" - Female, 21

4. Purposely pissed off someone's ex

"I slept with a girl knowing I was the rebound just because I knew it would piss off her ex." - Male, 22

5. Abstained from sex for a whole month

"I got mad that my boyfriend ignored my text so I didn't have sex with him for a whole month." - Female, 21

6. Canceled their date's Uber 

"I glanced at this girls' phone while on a date and she was telling her group chat how she was finessing me for food. So I called an Uber for her once the date was over… and canceled it halfway to her destination." - Male, 23

7. Sent their ex-girlfriend a video of him hooking up with her best friend

"My ex cheated on me so after I dumped her ass, I sent her a video on Snapchat a few weeks later of her best friend giving me a blow job." - Male, 22

8. Competed with their best-friend over a guy

There was this guy at the bar that both my best friend and I were eyeing the whole night. While my best friend was using the bathroom, the guy came up to me and asked about her. He was more my type than hers so I lied to him and told him that she was already taken and gave him my number instead." - Female, 21

9. Lied about the quality of their sex

"So I had been hooking up with this girl for MONTHS and we had the best sex I've ever had in my life. She ended up ghosting me after a while and always said she didn't have time to hang out because she was busy. It turns out that she was actually interested in a friend of mine. I told my friend that her riding skills were trash and tried to talk him out of being with her." - Male, 21

10. Had their best friend pretend to be someone they were cheating with

"My ex-girlfriend was being really clingy and annoying for weeks and we had been fighting non-stop to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. One day I was hanging out with my best friend (who I knew my ex didn't like) and noticed that I had 3 missed calls from my ex. I tried to ignore it, but by the 4th call, I picked up the phone and had my best friend answer saying 'Sorry, she can't come to the phone right now. She's busy going down on me.' We broke up the next day." - Female, 23

11. Faked a pregnancy scare

"I felt like he was losing interest in me after a while and I didn't want him to break things off because I was so dependent on the relationship. I ended up having a fake pregnancy scare." - Female, 23

12. Broke their boyfriend's PS4 controller

"My boyfriend wasn't giving me enough attention and kept playing Fortnite for HOURS while I was trying to bond with him so I snatched the PS4 controller out of his hands and threw it against the wall. It broke and he didn't speak to me for three weeks." - Female, 23

13. Slept with someone else's boyfriend and exposed him on Twitter

"I fucked this guy knowing he had a girlfriend and then told her about it and when they didn't break up I posted his dick pic on my Twitter and @'d her." - Female, 20

14. Pretended to date their best friend’s brother 

"I pretended my best friend's brother was my new man, posted pictures of me and him boo'd up at a basketball game and posted them to make my boo jealous." - Female, 21

15. Called their ex-boyfriend's mom and told her that he died

"My ex dumped me so I called his mom and told her that he died. Then I waited a few minutes and said "Just kidding!," hung up the phone, and blocked everybody in his family." - Female, 21

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form glorifying these actions. This is just to shed light on the reality of the fact that love and infatuation make us do some manipulative stuff sometimes.

Dr King
Dr King

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

31 One-Liners You Say To Your Boyfriend Before, After And During The Sunday Scaries Hit

Sunday scaries are much more intense that we like to believe.


Ah Friday. The blessed day of the week that kicks off the wonderful weekend. You have it planned where you are going to tackle everything on your to do list. You're going to clean, you're going to do laundry and even have a special date night with your boo. Maybe even grab a couple drinks with some friends. No matter what, you are not letting the weekend go to waste. Then, before you know it,

Sunday hits.

It's as if the second you went to bed Friday night (or Saturday morning, I won't judge) it immediately skips over Saturday and you are left with one single day to get everything done. The Sunday scaries are real and if you feel the stress that comes with them, you've probably said these one-liners to your boyfriend at some point during the weekend.


1. "Sunday scaries are a joke!"

2. You think just because it's 2 a.m. Sunday morning that we can't have another drink?"

3. "Babe, the laundry will get done, we have all weekend!"

4. "Let's go out with our friends tonight! We have plenty of time to clean the kitchen."

5. "What do you mean we should go home? It's not even midnight!"

6. "But, what if I never get a chance to sing "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" at a karaoke bar again!?"

7. "Oh don't worry, I'm not going to let the Sunday scaries stress me out!"

8. "I won't have a hangover tomorrow!"

9. "I'm a perfectly capable adult!"



11. "What do you mean I sang karaoke until 2 in the morning? I don't even like karaoke!"

12. "I had, HOW many drinks?"

13. "Babe, we NEED to get laundry done."

14. "Why is this house such a mess?"

15. "Why didn't you stop me?!"

16. "Please clean the bathroom, my head hurts too much."

17. "No, I do NOT have a hangover!"

18. "Baby, can we pleaseeee take a nap?" *Says while crying*

19. "I just wanted to have ONE *sobs* GOOD *sobs* NIGHT."

20. *blows nose in boyfriends shirt*"We have NO time to get anything done!"

21. "I'm never going out again!"

22. "I can't adult!"


23. "Well, I guess it wasn't THAT bad.."

24. "I mean, we made some progress, we have clean underwear!"

25. "I can see the floor, I think we did a lot today."

26. "You know what would be a great idea? Drinks."

27. "Can we order buffalo wings for dinner?"

28. "I still don't think I was that drunk."

29. "The Sunday scaries did NOT get me."

30. "We should do this again next weekend!"

31. "Adulting is easy!"

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Now That I'm About To Graduate, I Wish 'College Freshman Me' Knew These 7 Things About Love

Remember the love. Measure in love. Measure your life in love.

Dr King
Dr King

December 7th, 2018, is the date that I along with over 2,000 students at UNC-Greensboro have been waited for quite literally for years. Now that the graduation ceremony is approximately 9 hours, 25 minutes, and 4 seconds away I can't help but lie awake in anticipation while reflecting on the different relationships I've had over the past four years no matter how impactful or minor.

I think if I could go back into the past to tell 18-year-old self from freshman year some lessons about love, here are 7 things I would say.

1. It’s okay to play the field

Until you actually find the person you want to be with, it's okay to date multiple people. I feel like women especially have a tendency to put all their eggs in one basket even before things get too serious. Some people are naturally more of the relationship and that's fine, but I wish I had known not to be too loyal to guys too soon before anything was clearly established.

2. But don’t play the field to the point where it bites you in the ass

Ladies, it should be a no-brainer that if you're going to talk to a few people at once, at least make sure they aren't in the same friend group. At a time it wasn't as much of a no-brainer for me though. There has only been one time where I purposely talked to multiple guys at once as if I was on a dating show like "The Bachelorette." If I could go back and warn myself to be smarter about the situation I would, seeing as I didn't have enough sense at the time not to chat with half the guys living on the same floor in the dorm that we all lived in. At the time I felt like it was pretty harmless, but eventually, I found that quite a few of them were salty about it.

3. Even “good guys” can have trash tendencies

Sometimes you'll be involved with a "good guy" because he's seemingly different than the rest. He may not be as tall as the other guys or have as muscular of a physique, but you know deep down that you can be happy with him because you know for certain he'll treat you right. Well, that's not always the case. There have been times where I went for the typical shy guy who didn't really get all of the girls because he was seen as "too nice." Unfortunately, there have been instances when they felt extra entitled to having me just because they were seen as good guys.

4. Sometimes you can literally speak relationships into existence

I am a firm believer that the power of our words is crucial, but now I'm an even more firm believer that our words work in terms of finding a boyfriend as well. One night as I moved into the apartment I stay at now, one of my closest friends stopped by to see me and he brought two of his friends along. I introduced myself to both of them, but I was definitely fixated on the Italian friend. Was it because he has the most distinct greenish/grey eyes I've ever seen? Maybe. However, there was this weird feeling I had that he was going to be my boyfriend which was insane considering that we probably only spoke to each other on no more than three or four occasions that night, one of them being when he asked me if he could use my bathroom. I even told one of my roommates right before I went to bed that night that he was going to be my boyfriend someday. Later my sister and I would see him almost every other week at the same two spots in the library and I would whisper to her, saying "I don't really know that guy and I don't even like him like that yet, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend one day." About six or so months later we started dating for real and not just in my head.

5. Having sex for the first time doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative experience

The first time I had sex was halfway through my junior year in college. Prior to this experience, I had heard all of the worst-case scenarios—"Don't expect it to be great," "It's gonna hurt," and "you're probably going to get attached" are among the top three things I constantly heard. Contrary to what I've heard all those years, my first time having sex was pretty good. I think part of the reason because it wasn't this scheduled thing with a romantic dinner and a movie beforehand or rose petals leading up to the bed at a precise time. It was very laid back and natural.

6. Trying to make your ex jealous may leave you stranded alone in a different state

I've mentioned this situation briefly before, but the only time in my life when I legitimately had a grand scheme to make an ex jealous didn't actually go as planned. I used my magic charm on two MMA coaches and finessed my way on a free trip to one of the MMA events in South Carolina where they would coach their clients. It didn't take long for them to realize I wasn't being genuine. One of the coaches insisted that I wasn't showing him enough affection and the other coach who I rode down to the event with completely went ghost and blocked me. If one of my close friends weren't there as well then I wouldn't have had a ride back home to North Carolina.

7. Chicks over dicks

With all of that being said, whether or not I'm in a full blown relationship or just casually dating someone, I will ALWAYS need my friends more than I need the dick so there's no need to stress over guys when the time I spend with my best girlfriends is the most fulfilling.

Dr King
Dr King

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