The few, the proud, the long distance girlfriends. If you're dating the love of your life states apart, and you're one of the only girls in your friend group doing a long distance relationship, then you know these phrases all too well.

1. "I don't know how you do it."

Yeah, to be honest, me neither. Lots of Jesus?

2. "I could never do it."

I hear this more than I hear "aww I'm doing long distance too!" It's as if I'm one in a million that's capable of doing some super big deal, hard task.

3. "Just keep busy."

Wow that sounds so fun and pleasant. Thank you, I'm so excited. (Disclaimer: this ACTUALLY does help, but being told that as a solution to your long distance all the time is not the most encouraging thing ever).

4. "You guys will make it."

Well goodness, I hope we do more than "make it."

5. "Awww I'm so sorry."

I don't know why, but I have a problem when people apologize for things they didn't cause. What does "sorry" even mean..?

6. "When did you last see him? How far apart are you guys?"

These are the same kind of questions we get asked when we return home from college on winter break. "What's your major? What college are you going to?" just general questions to hold a conversation.

7. "He'll be fine." 

Shucks thanks, except I already knew that.

8. "You'll be fine."

Okay whew I hope so, I was really worried.

9. "You're always on your phone."

Uhhh, I'm sorry? The average college-aged girlfriend and boyfriend go to the same college together and get to actually be together daily. So I'm sorry my phone is the next closest connection to my boyfriend who is states away.

When we know these comments are coming from a loving place, then it's really okay and we take them with grace and appreciation. But at the end of the day, assuring us that we'll be fine and reminding us that no one else could do it doesn't necessarily hold the most positive connotations. Most of the time we just need someone to listen and be there for us. We don't expect you to understand us or long distance relationships.