We live in a society where computers and phones run our lives more than we actually do ourselves. It's a common thing to post on our social media about things that make us happy- like our food, our moods and especially..


Because hey, our relationships make us happy. I sure as hell know being in my relationship makes me happy.

It's a common misconception that people in relationships shouldn't post about it because it annoys other people, because it's bad karma, and lastly because people don't want to see it.

I have a few things to tell you:

I don't want to see your gym routine on my Snapchat or Instagram because frankly, I'm never going to work out. AND, I don't want to see your gross back sweat.


I don't want to see what you digested this morning because it literally looked like what my dog threw up the other day. AND, because guac makes my stomach curl. I can guarantee you didn't swallow half of it and you literally "did it for the gram."


And, I don't want to see how many shots you and your girlfriends can take in 10 seconds because you've literally half swallowed one and spit back up the second one. Yes, Tiffany, we saw that you didn't take the shot with the rest of your girlfriends.


You see, there are a lot of things I don't want to see on my social media much worse than a girl kissing her boyfriend.

If it doesn't warm your heart seeing two people in love than you're a stone cold bitch.

I love my boyfriend and love documenting the things we do together because you know what, we're pretty cool people and take good ass pictures. The pictures that are totally postable, yes Tiffany, just like the candid you too with Rebecca the other day.

Odds are if it bothers you, you're jealous of something.

So while you are busy editing the picture of that adorable latte you had the other day, I will continue to post about my boyfriend.

and we can all live happily ever after.

BTW, there is an unfollow button for a reason.