Yes, we know that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle are leaving the royal life and going on their own. They have decided to choose one another and no one is in any position to judge them. Especially when someone is going after Harry's masculinity, which might I add, has nothing to do with anything.

But of course, American blogger Michelle Malkin had a lot to say about Harry's so-called emasculation.

Prince Harry identifies as a man, this makes him manly. Period. Done. Conversation over.

Participating in the army or anything that has to do with the military does not make a person an alpha male. Sorry, but I'm not buying it. After 10 years of dedicated service, Prince Harry is no longer serving in the military, so it makes sense that he isn't rocking any camo. I would be concerned if he was walking around in camo head-to-toe 24/7. Would that not set off an alarm?

However, I think it's incredibly telling of his personality that "He continues to honor his service and promotes support for wounded men and women as they adapt to life post-injury." Now that's a man if I ever saw one.

Prince Harry finally found the woman of his dreams and decided to settle down. This isn't emasculation, this is maturity. He wanted to enter this new chapter in his life and guess what? He's just as alpha as he ever was **eye-roll**

I'd like to rid our patriarchal, misogynistic society of these harmful ideas of an "alpha male." As if this alpha is so much better than everyone else. There is no hierarchy of people, personalities, and behavior. We are all-powerful humans in our own way and our life decisions shouldn't influence how another views our masculinity or feminity.

I am not in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship to really share any insight, but, from what I can tell, he loves a strong, sexy lady. He isn't afraid to give her some spotlight and stand by her.

He doesn't have a fragile ego that, pardon my french, most "alpha males" have.

He knows who he is and that confidence is what we should really be talking about.

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