So just yesterday I received some chocolates as a surprise gift from this guy I've been seeing. Honestly, I was really impressed! I'm sad to say in my 21 years of life no one has ever randomly sent me chocolates for no reason. To me, this was such a grand gesture. BUT then this morning I wake up to the news via Instagram that Harry is taking a step back from royalty for no one other than his wife, Duchess Meghan Markle.

So BAM: a reality check! Like yea, he likes you enough to send you chocolates but does he like you enough to give up a shot at a THRONE? Now that's what I call a grand gesture.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle's relationship has been scrutinized in the limelight since day one.

It's hard not only when you're famous to keep the paps at bay but imagine being a ROYAL celebrity. Now that kind of judgment is hard to keep at arm's length. In more recent interviews with Duchess Meghan Markle, it's obvious the British tabloid press was taking a toll on her. How could it not? The way the tabloids were bashing on Meghan was downright cruel. Meghan even admits in one interview that British tabloids "will destroy your life."

But Harry, in true Prince form, will not let the Royal Family and all that comes with being a royal harm his marriage!

In the recent Instagram post, the Duke and Duchess state they will be taking a step back from being "senior" members of the royal family in an attempt to explore a new progressive role, while giving their baby a traditional appreciation for royal tradition and space to grow into the next chapter. It's clear and admirable that the move to step away from being primary members of the Royal Family and to divide their time equally between the United Kingdom and North America is for Meghan Markle, and it's just all so romantic! Prince Harry truly is Prince Charming!

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