To my now fiancé and soon-to-be husband,

We have about one more year to go before our big day, something we've both been looking forward to before we even got engaged. I swore that when I was younger, I would never get married. That's probably because I never saw myself getting married because nobody wants to be with a girl who is asleep more than she is awake and when she is awake, she's eating her weight in chicken nuggets. Oddly enough, you wanted to be with me aka that girl.

I promise that our wedding day will be everything we expected it to be. I'm sure there will be a few mishaps and things may not go exactly as planned, but as long as we're leaving that venue as newlyweds, I could care less what happens leading up to it.

I promise to still be silly and laugh with you even after we're married. We're always making jokes and laughing with each other now, so I don't expect it to be any different after we're married. But, just in case.

I promise to eventually stop talking about the wedding... which probably won't ever happen. But, I promise to work on it.

I promise to not get upset when you take the blanket completely off of me in your sleep. I'll just freeze to death.

I promise to try on how often I roll my eyes. I do it without realizing and that's how you know it's a problem.

I promise to watch whatever shows you decide to put on while we're laying in bed no matter how stupid I think they are.

I promise I'll keep your shirts and hoodies clean while i'm wearing them. Well, I'll try at least.

I promise to keep dividing responsibilities evenly because I know how much you hate washing silverware.

I promise I'll be quiet while you play your online games, but I can't promise that I won't laugh when you're screaming at the TV.

I promise to always offer a bite of something I'm eating (because I can totally see you eyeing it in my peripheral vision)

I promise to let you cook most of the time because we all know what happens when I try to cook (like when there is more thyme than there is chicken...)

I promise to always be your #1 fan.

I promise to always admit that I'm wrong when I am (there may or may not be an apology).

I promise to listen to the same story 10 times before losing my mind.

I promise to share my chicken nuggets, even if I don't have many left.

I promise to be the best wife and mother to our future children.

Thank you for putting up with me the way that you do even though I'm more than a handful most of the time. I love you more than you could ever imagine. Only one more year until we're married.