I Asked 26 Guys For Their Best Proposal Ideas And You Have To Admit, These Are Cute

I Asked 26 Guys For Their Best Proposal Ideas And You Have To Admit, These Are Cute

"I think for me, keeping it simple but romantic and proposing somewhere that has a lot of meaning for the both of us."


These days a proposal is almost like a large production. There is the ring, the photographer, the videographer, the place, the family, the girl, etc. Whatever type of person you are, having a memorable proposal is something every girl dreams of.

I asked 26 guys what their plans were for their future proposal and here is what they had to say. From tricking their future bride to having a romantic evening, you may just be surprised.

1. "On a hot air balloon, looking out over the ocean at sunset." - Age 20, Taken

2. "My proposal plans will be determined by who I will marry..."

"It's going to be intimate. However, it will be fully a surprise and most likely impromptu. To the point that it is somewhat a risk if she will say yes. I don't get why couples plan like 'we plan on getting engaged in two months.' Fuck that." - 22, Single

3. "Imma get her a fake ring because she'll never know the difference. Then, if we get divorced, I'll tell her the truth."

"But if we make it more than 10 years, I'll buy her a real ring. Or when the prenup expires. Do prenups expire?" - Age 20, Single

4. "Honestly I haven't thought too much into detail about it. Would love to be at a significant place that is special and means something to both of us." - Age 20, Single

5. "I think for me, keeping it simple but romantic and proposing somewhere that has a lot of meaning for the both of us." - Age 21, Single

6. "I'd just propose, I don't know." - Age 16, Taken

7. "Oh man, sorry, that's so far out in my mind that I've hardly given it any thought!" - Age 20, Single

8. "I bet she has a Pinterest board or some shit for this." - Age 21, Taken

9. "My girlfriend told me if I propose at a restaurant she'd say no so, I won't do that." - Age 22, Taken

10. "Whatever Peter did in that new movie. He proposed in that right? No? Oh, well I dunno." - Age 20, Single

11. "I'll just make sure I ask her dad first. Then, I don't think it matters." - Age 23, Single

12. "I've actually thought a lot about this. I think I'll get all her friends involved. Think like prom but bigger." - Age 24, Taken

13. "First, I would have her get her nails done earlier in the week because girls want their hands to look pretty for the ring picture..."

"Then, I would take her into town for a fun little date and at the end of it we would go into this snowy forest where my sister-in-law would be waiting behind a tree to take photos." - Age 19, Taken

14. "I read online that a guy proposed with Taco Bell and that would be pretty dope."

"I don't know if she'd be that into it but I think about that a lot." - Age 22, Single

15. "I think I would do it outdoors, on some fun adventure or trip..."

"In my current relationship, a lot of our time and memories have involved hiking trips, off-roading, and Jeep trips so it would be nice to incorporate what has given us so many memories." - Age 20, Taken

16. "I just know to have good lighting for the photos. The rest, we'll see what I come up with." - Age 21, Single

17. "I'll probably have to watch a sht ton of Disney movies or something." - Age 20, Single

18. "I'd have to think about it. I honestly don't know. I don't know who I want to marry..."

"I don't know if I've met them before or if I'm yet to meet them. There is nothing better than a personal, sentimental memory to share together, forever. However it goes, I hope they say yes. But as far as a dream proposal in mind for my future wide, I hope I live the dream with her." - Age 20, Single

19. "A morning hike on the very top while the sunrise is going up! And have a photographer hiding there to take pictures to capture the moment." - 20, Single

20. "I would recreate our first date. Intimate and meaningful." - Age 23, Taken

21. "Her favorite movie is 'The Notebook' so I would probably take her to the spots where 'The Notebook' is filmed and set up a camera for when I propose." - Age 27, Taken

22. "I would take her to where we first met and read her a prayer that I wrote." - Age 26, Taken

23. "Definitely have the best friend approve of the ring, make sure her nails look nice and save time for photos." - Age 24, Taken

24. "I would want to have my proposal outdoors and very unexpected..."

"Somewhere my girlfriend and I would be isolated and looking at something beautiful in God's creation such as New Zealand, one of the Utah National Parks, or Banff National Park. I also would only propose if I knew she would say yes." - Age 21, Single

25. "What I want to do is keep a massive journal of momentos, pictures, letters, and funny stories that progress from the beginning of our relationship to the point of our engagement and the last page would be blank and the top would say engagement and then there would be an empty space where our engagement photo would go..."

"I would give it to her, get down on one knee, and say something about wanting to make so many sweeter and richer memories and ultimately reflect the love of the cross in our marriage." - Age 21, Taken

26. "It depends on the person but here's what I've thought about up to this point..."

"I'd set up a beach date with plans for dinner after. We'd go to the beach and just hang out. I would bring my guitar and play a special song such as Lucky by Jason Miraz if she likes to sing (it's a duet) or Stand By Me if she doesn't, or her favorite song, whatever it is. Then I'd pull out a journal in which I'd written about our relationship (I love journaling). In the upper right corner, there would be a cutout where the ring would be and I would propose hopefully around the sunset. Maybe I'll arrange for a friend to come and take photos of it all. Then, if she says yes, life can go on... and if she says no I'll just die." - Age 22, Taken

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

7 Essential Details To Remember When Planning YOUR Wedding

Because after all, it is YOUR damn day.


Recently I've been really struggling to figure out what to do for my wedding. This isn't because I don't know what I want, but because deciding anything ultimately effects someone. I decide I want to do it this year but this year doesn't work for Denise, so I could do it the year after, but Susie Q is going back to school and that conflicts with her schedule.

I could do a small, simple wedding, but my Grandma always wanted me to get married in a Church. Oh, what about a destination wedding? Well, that would work for a lot of people, but not Tiffany-she can't afford it…Becky has other obligations the only week my favorite resort is open in my dream year of getting married. Maybe a courthouse wedding? Yeah, I could do that…but my dad always dreamed of walking me down the aisle.

You see ladies-I'm freaking exhausted.

I'm exhausted trying to plan the wedding that EVERYONE ELSE BUT MYSELF wants me to have. I'm tired of having to justify why I want something to someone else. I'm tired of having to reason with people. I'm tired of feeling bad for not accommodating others.

I'm just mentally and physically exhausted planning my own wedding-something I really wanted to enjoy.

In times of frustration, I've scribbled down a few reminders to mutter to myself when things get a little chaotic. It's important in some way or another-we embed these thoughts into our minds because honestly? We deserve to be reminded, even if it's us doing the reminding.


It's weird we even have to tell ourselves this right? I mean we are the ones shelling out thousands, spending late nights planning centerpieces, and trying to find the perfect photographer. Sadly, yes, we have to remind ourselves because of a lot of people that know you close to you or not-will try to make it about them. ---It's your day. It's your day. It's your day.

2. Not everyone is going to be pleased with your decisions.

I'm a people pleaser. I thoroughly enjoy searching for ways to make everyone happy because I get insane anxiety from thinking anyone is mad at me. ESPECIALLY when it's someone I deeply care for. However, there is no way I'm able to get approval from everyone I really love. No matter what I decide, someone won't be able to make it, another won't like the dress, and someone else may be furious you're serving meat when they're vegetarian. YOU CAN NOT WIN, so stop trying to win for other people. Just win for yourself.

3. Whoever makes it about them is selfish.

It sounds harsh, I know, but ask yourself this one question: "Would you ever make THEIR day about you?" The answer is probably no. Me personally, no matter who it was my brother, best friend, or cousin-I would not make their day about me. Even if I hated the dress she chose, even if she picked a date that I couldn't make, even if my brother ran off to elope…It's their damn day-not mine. I would never make it about me because *drum roll *: it's not about me. If you're constantly double checking and worrying about people being upset by something YOU decided for YOUR wedding on YOUR day, then those people are shitty because they have made it about them, and that's extremely selfish.

4. The people who love you will be supportive with whatever you decide.

My fiance and I have decided on a destination wedding. There are a lot of reasons why, and ultimately it just ended up working the best for us. With deciding this-we knew a lot of people:

A.) Wouldn't be able to make it

B.) Wouldn't be able to afford it

C.) Wouldn't want to travel outside of the country

D.) Have other obligations that prevent them from attending

Never ONCE did we get angry or upset with anyone who straight up said-"Hey I know I won't be able to swing this." We get it, and it was just a risk we were willing to take. However, some people were still mad about our decision-even though it wasn't their decision to make. However, there are so many people that have been nothing but supportive, and that love and support have been something I'll never forget. For as many people that make it difficult for you, you'll have another handful who will make it a day to remember. There's always some silver lining in the mix at some point.

5. You DO NOT owe anyone an explanation or justification.

-Why have I felt the need to justify to friends, family, and my own bridal party WHY I'm deciding on something for my wedding? The last time I checked it was my wedding, right? Listen because this is super important: You don't need to justify anything you want for your wedding to anyone that isn't your fiance. You want it at a certain location-not anyone else's decision. Do you want to have it in the middle of the winter? Not anyone else's decision. Do you want to have the bridal party wearing cowboy boots with their dresses? NOT THEIR FREAKING DECISION. Stop feeling bad and explaining yourself for something YOU WANT TO HAPPEN on YOUR DAY! If you remember anything from this article-remember that.

6.  Life happens

Life is always unpredictable. There will be things that arise during your planning that you didn't anticipate. Though it's easier said than done, try not to let it alter your day or attitude. Some people you love won't be able to make it, your dream venue may be booked up the year you desperately want to get married in, a bridesmaid may drop out, and a caterer might screw up a dish. This shit happens, but your guests won't care one way or the other. As long as you don't let this ruin your wedding experience overall-everything will be okay…That's something I can promise.

7. All that matters at the end of the day is that you're married to the person you want to spend your life with

In all of the chaos that has already arisen (still pretty far away from my wedding) I have been telling myself from the beginning that at the end of the day I only really care about being the wife to the guy I love. Every time someone says something to hurt me tries to talk me out of something I feel passionate about doing or informs me of something intentionally meant to stress me out-I breathe, tell myself I'll marry a guy that I love, and move on with my business. I'm not saying it never gets to me, but the thought of spending my life with my fiance excites me more than these people's negative thoughts stress me out. At the end of all of this, you won't look back at your wedding and think of all the things you didn't like because you'll be too busy gleaming over the fact it happened. You're lucky enough to find someone you WANT to spend your life with, and seriously not everyone is lucky enough to say that. Though it's challenging, try to remember people are selfish, and not everyone has your best interest at heart. However, there are ALWAYS people that'll go above and beyond to make you focus on yourself, and I'm lucky to have some of those people apart of my special day. So when it gets stressful and yes it will get stressful…remember that you've got this. It's your day, and you can do whatever the hell you want with it.


The Bride-To-Be

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To My Future Fiance, If You’re Proposing To Me For The Instagram Content, Have Fun Posting A Video Of Me Saying ‘No’

Whoever you are, take notes for future reference.


OK, OK, he can propose to me in public, but if it's a grand event that has nothing to do with my character, then 100% I'm saying, "No, try again."

I hope that one day someone special has my heart and wants to spend the rest of their life with me. But I want them to really know who I am. Inside and out and all around. I'm not a showy person, I'm not into social media, and I don't want a 20-carat ring. There's nothing wrong with any of those things, but it's never been for me. It's just not me.

I'm never going to do anything because someone else or the general society thinks or says I should do it. I like to defy society and do what's best for me. Even if I do something that is acceptable by society's standards, I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it for me. I always say, "If someone wants to get to know me then they shouldn't judge what they see, read, or hear, they should just say, 'Hi,' and we can go from there." I don't post something for others to see, I post it for myself. Because it makes me feel good. Because I impulsively want to.

So, I want my fiancé's initial feeling of complete and absolute love to be blurted out to me ASAP. You don't have to keep your passions hidden while you plan a huge fiasco with balloons and confetti and "Will you marry me?" clouds in the sky. I don't need that for you to tell me you love me.

My dream proposal would be us cooking and taste tasting dinner, dancing, and singing to our favorite song when you just pause to look at me and ask, "You wanna get married?"

Of course, I'd question if you're being serious or not, but if we've already discussed the future and our hearts are in the right place, I'd melt in your arms.

You're not proposing to me to show off our love to your Facebook friends. You're proposing to me because you want nothing else but me. If you want to plan something special afterward, go ahead. Thoughtful surprises make me feel so special, but make sure that it's planned for me.

My long-distance boyfriend recently surprised me with a visit by calling my parents to figure out just how to leave me open-mouthed. I realized how much I appreciated the planning and arrangement. No one has ever done that for me before and I won't lie, I loved it. I wouldn't mind a fun proposal. I would be eternally grateful for the thought behind it, but I want the initial question to be intimate, personal, and tailored for me.

At the end of the day, sure, the proposal can be out and about in public, but I want the focus to be us. Not just me or you, but our relationship and our future. I don't care if other people don't think you love me enough because the proposal wasn't a showstopper. I know how you feel about me and that's all that matters.

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