You Don't Need To Be A Psych Major To Use These 10 Psychological Tactics On Your Crush

If you've ever struggled on how to seal the deal with your crush, here are 10 psychological tactics to use to make it happen.

Just a disclaimer, obviously you can't force someone to like you, but we're doing, it's just encouraging. Try working some of your own magic with these 10 psychological tricks to make your crush like you back:

1. Say their name when speaking to them

OKAY, obviously do not overdo it but speaking someone's name is a quick and easy way to foster their attention. Our bodies are trained to look in the direction our name is spoken. Even if we're already in a conversation hearing our name stimulates a need to pay closer attention to you, this then snowballs into paying more attention to you in general, into a potential crush.

When used correctly, it can produce chills. Plus, people who do this are often described as charismatic!

Another way to use this is by raising your hand to agree with someone in class. Try waiting for a few hands and then when your crush has forgotten what they have even said raise your hand and say "I agree with what X said because ...," this move will perk their attention back to the lesson and back to you and they'll remember you thought highly of what they said.

2. Play a little copy cat

This trick is solely based on mirroring—or as psychologists like to call it, the "chameleon effect."

People are drawn to people like them, whether is be looking similar, liking the same things, or even acting similarly. If you laugh at the same things, they may take notice or even sitting in the same position. So copy their body language, gestures, and facial expressions. If they cross their legs, cross yours. If they drink some water, drink some water also. The effects may be astounding.

3. Try wearing red

The color red is easily associated with a strong sexuality, positive energy, and taking action. Studies have discovered people are more likely to be drawn to people wearing that color. Who knew our crushes could be solely based on the color of someone's shirts. It's really starting to make me re-think some of the deadbeats I 'liked' in high school.

4. Play easy, then hard to get

Playing "hard to get" is an art, and let's be honest can be the downfall of a lot of flirtationships.

The trick is to begin with showing interest, ask them about themselves, maintain eye contact, laugh at their jokes.

If you don't, you risk looking standoffish and cold.

Then once you've created a pleasant bond and interaction, begin showing interest less and less. When you see them just wave hi or smile, but don't go out of your way to have a conversation and if they speak to you make it short and sweet and then say you have somewhere to be.

People value and desire what is rare and difficult to obtain, so make yourself difficult to obtain.

5. Tell a funny story

But make sure it's actually funny first. Comedians are just memorable, it's a fact and you'll be more likely remembered if you make them laugh. Humor eases negative thoughts and makes others feel more comfortable so try telling a funny story, maybe with a hint of vulnerability and you will increase their interest for sure.

6. Take it from the chick flicks, clumsiness works

It's true and you've probably seen it often depicted in movies…when a girl suddenly drops an armful of books and a handsome boy appears out of the blue to aid her.

We tend to offer aid when another person is observed alone under hardship. Try dropping a book or two, or even stumbling up some stairs close enough they can help you, smile, make eye contact, and thank them. This trick reveals that you aren't perfect makes you seem more relatable and vulnerable to others.

And makes for a perfect way to start up a conversation later by re-thanking them for all their help.

7. Adrenaline boost and chill?

When you participate in adrenaline-boosting activities, like riding roller coasters, with another person your bodies release endorphins that create a natural high. This natural high makes you feel all sorts of good things, all sorts of good things you displace on the person sitting next to you. So next time your crush gets on a roller coaster, make sure the person sitting next to them is you.

8. Be confident, or fake it till you make it

Having confidence is the key to attracting people and I know it's harder than it looks. My first tip, compliment yourself every morning, smile often, and compliment your friends and family every morning. It's simple, self-love, endorphins, and tribe love, just try it.

Having confidence makes you stand out. Now I am not saying self-conscious people are unworthy, their not. I'm plenty self-conscious but I have dug deep to find that I am most confident when I'm hype-ing up my best friends, when I am talking about animals, and when I am talking about travel. So, whenever I feel myself getting self-conscious I find a way to work my confidence boosters into when I am doing whether it be complimenting a friend or working animals or travel into the conversation.

Find your confidence boosters and pursue them and then people will naturally want to pursue you!

9. Compliment them!

This seems pretty basic, right? That's cause it is! Something even cooler though, people associate the adjectives you use to describe other people with your own personality! What?!

So if you describe someone as sweet and caring, they will associate you with these qualities as well. So if you describe them as these qualities they will not only be flattered but also like damn, you're sweet and caring too. What a win-win.

10. Coffee dates > Ice Cream Dates

Ok, so they've agreed to go on a date with you? Now, where to? It's weird but people may associate the temperature with the person they're spending time with.

Often, people that are cold, or holding cold things are more likely to perceive the people around them to have cold personalities and the experience to be just meh whereas people in relatively warm temperature and holding warmer drinks will perceive the personality of the person they're with to be warm and kind.

So, ditch the ice cream cones and go for a toasty date instead.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

4 Things Single Pringles Should Look For In Love, Besides An Actual Relationship

You need romance like you need your second kidney.

So you've read all of the articles that caution you against actively searching for love. "It will find you when it's meant to be," they've said, but nothing you've read has changed your mind at all. You're more determined than ever to prove these writers wrong by finding your next significant other in record time. If this sounds like you, and your searches so far still haven't led you to your sweetheart, consider extending your investigation for love to include these places:

1. Your family

I can almost guarantee you that no lover of yours could ever top your dad's jokes or even come close to contending with your mother's cooking. Go visit your grandmother and let her gush about how handsome or beautiful you've gotten since you last saw her. The best part about familial love is that there are no ulterior motives behind these kinds of affection.

2. Your closest friends

Whoever says platonic love can't be as strong as romantic love clearly doesn't have quality friends like you do. So leave your roommate a surprise treat on her desk so she can come back from the library to a token of your appreciation. Call your best friend back home just to tell her that you love her and miss her more than anything. These people will have your back for life. Don't take that for granted.

3. Your pets

Because nobody can give you sweeter (and sloppier) kisses than your furry friends. Real, unconditional love is your dog charging across the house to greet you at the door and your cat curling up in your lap to actually let you pet her while you watch TV. "Puppy love" in this case is everlasting, it isn't just another silly crush.

4. Yourself

It's probably been too long since you've last confessed your undying love for yourself, or maybe you're still heading down the very long path towards self-like, let alone self-love. Take your time with this process, as it isn't straightforward, but has many twists and turns along the way. But don't forget to be proud of yourself, to be satisfied with yourself, and to be forgiving of your mistakes. Because at the end of every day, we will always have to sleep in the same bed as ourselves.

The bottom line is this: You need romance like you need your second kidney — it's nice to have, but it isn't necessary for you to survive.

It would be really great to call someone else yours, but you don't need this kind of relationship to live your best, happiest life. You can still look for love in your world, but don't let this search consume you or discourage you if you haven't gotten any results yet. There's plenty of time still for you to meet that person who sets your soul on fire, so don't sweat it.

Cover Image Credit: @brandymelvilleusa

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After 4 Years On Dating Apps, I'm Ghosting Them For Good

And I am exponentially happier being off of them.


When I began college four years ago, many of my friends got on the popular dating app Tinder. They convinced me to get on it although I was quite skeptical about it because I had a very old fashioned view on dating in which I wanted to date people I solely met in person.

So I gave Tinder a try and honestly I was quite disgusted with what I encountered if I am being completely honest yet I let it continue for four years. All these boys would message me something sweet such as "hey beautiful" and then would hit me with the "wanna fuck?" message.

Just imagine getting hundreds upon hundreds of unsavory messages from those you match and getting so fed up and tired of it that you want to make a drastic change.

I mainly met very unfavorable people who treated me like crap but along the way, I also met very few great guys throughout all of this that I have remained really great friends with.

I thought I would have learned after my ONE relationship I got out of Tinder I got into that ended in quite a fiasco but I didn't. I wasted over a year and a half being constantly on-and-off with that ex-boyfriend because he kept handing out promises he couldn't keep and with that I couldn't give in to what he was ACTUALLY looking for because I knew I could not trust him.

This whole time I wanted to eventually find someone who could help me forget about the boy I think I forbiddingly still love but I was too stupid to think that I could find someone on these dating apps that are filled with way too many thirsty boys.

So recently one night, I took it upon myself to have the courage to permanently delete both my Tinder and Bumble accounts.

I had a realization in the middle in the night that I have been allowing myself to be settling for less because I think it is what I deserve. I also realized that I have been letting myself been seen as an "easy" girl which has led be constantly manipulated and used.

I am extremely fed up of being seen and treated as an object by the boys I have encountered. I had my fun and I have also had MANY life lessons to learn from. But now after four long years, it was officially time to get rid of this negativity.

And this time it will be for good.

I will be taking a break from dating overall until I feel ready to put myself out there again and hope to find something serious. I honestly can't wait to see what the future holds for me as I will use this fresh start to figuring out exactly what I want and to start learning to fully love myself.


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