Haunt your instagram feed with these punny halloween captions for you and your boo. From vampires to ghost these cheesy captions will win over some likes for you and your pumpkin.

1. If you were a ghost, you would still be my boo. 

2. Too cute to spook.

3. Romeo and Ghouliet.

4. Love at first bite.

5. You’re just my {blood} type.

6. You’ve caught me in your web.

7. With the boo crew.

8. Batty about you.

9. The only ghosting in our relationship is the costumes.

10. The only treat I need tonight.

11. Getting spooky with my boo.

12. I put a spell on you and now you’re my boo. 

13. I got the cutest pumpkin in the patch. 

14. I’m a ghost with the most. 

15. Bugs and Hisses.

17. Hey boo, let’s get sheet faced.

18.{Fall}ing for you.