There's no arguing that quarantine has had its ups and downs for everyone. The uncertainty of it all leads to a million questions, not just about our health, but about how everything affects our day-to-day life moving forward.

Last month, we covered the most pressing questions about being single in quarantine, but May 2020 had an influx of content around being in a relationship while in quarantine, whether you're stuck together or forced apart. Here's everything you need to know if your relationship status is "taken" during this pandemic.

1. What's the best way to keep date nights in from getting stale?

While parts of the U.S. are beginning to reopen after months in quarantine, the future of date nights at home is still bright — because, let's face it, wearing masks to a fancy restaurant with your boo in the coming months just doesn't sound fun.

That said, having been cooped up indoors for the last few months, date nights in may feel like they're starting to get, for lack of a better word, stale. If you feel this, here are a few fun things to consider!

2. How can I spice up my sex life in quarantine?

While health departments are saying you are your only safe sex partner to avoid the risk of getting coronavirus (COVID-19), having sex with someone you've been properly quarantined with is the next safest option.

So, if you're quarantined with a sexual partner, you're in luck! Because things like trying new sex games and experimenting with new sex toys can help make love-making in lockdown a little less "meh" and a lot more "WOO!"

3. How can we keep the romance alive?

Whether you lived with your S.O. before quarantine began or not, spending 24/7 indoors is new for everyone, especially if you're doing so with a partner. But regardless of your pre-quarantine living arrangements, things are getting boring — but that doesn't have to mean your relationship is boring, too. This 30-Day Couples Quarantine Challenge Will Literally Make You Closer Than Ever.

4. My relationship feels different in quarantine, is that normal?

Short answer: yes. Everything is different right now, so it's completely normal for things in and around your relationship to feel different, too — especially because everyone is handling things in their own ways and it's important to be a little extra understanding and patient during these unprecedented times.

Tip: Be open and communicate with your partner to see what they need during this time. Maybe they don't want to be asked constantly how they are doing, maybe they could benefit from a little more space for some "me time," or maybe they want to cuddle more to know you're there! No matter what it is, you can only know if you ask them! So do so, and definitely share what you want/need from them as well.

Things are different right now and that's OK! It's how you and your boo communicate and react to it that will help you get through it together.

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5. Is it normal that my S.O. and I are drinking more together in quarantine?

This is totally normal. In fact, it is so normal that in our exclusive Odyssey Drinking Survey, we found that "respondents ages 21 to 30 who are quarantined with a partner are drinking more frequently (reportedly consuming alcohol at an average of 4.1 days/week) than those quarantined alone, with friends, or with family."

In other words, couples quarantined together are reportedly drinking more than others, so you are NOT at all alone.

6. Is it bad that I've thought about my ex in quarantine?

It's not "bad" to simply think about your ex unless you're disloyal to your partner and act on those thoughts without their knowledge. At the end of the day, this pandemic has increased all uncertainties, so since the future is so unclear, thinking about your past is totally normal. But it depends on to what extent you're thinking about your former lovers, of course.

During this time of uncertainty, though, a lot of people — both in and out of relationships — have actually reached out to their exes, according to a new study. Of course, COVID-19 and quarantine are not an excuse for infidelity, so if you're thinking about acting on these thoughts, please do yourself and your S.O. a favor and let them know you're confused.

7. How can I connect with my partner who is quarantined away from me?

Being away from your partner for an extended period of time is difficult regardless of what is going on, especially if there is something keeping you apart that's beyond your control. That said, connecting with someone who's far away isn't impossible. If you're creative, it could even be fun! Especially if you work in FaceTime games, virtual date nights, and milestone celebrations from afar.

8. What's the best way to keep our sex life alive while quarantined apart?

Sure, there's always the classic sexting, nudes, and even sexy video-chatting, but there are also sex toys! Yes, even though you might think these are things you'd have to use together in order for them to help you connect, that's not always the case!

Toys like Amazon's best-selling clone-a-willy kit that will let you "feel your partner" from afar. If that seems a little too intimidating, though, people are also buzzing about these vibrators, so consider having a little fun and picking one out with the help of your S.O. so they know you're thinking of them in the process. Of course, you'll also want to offer to help them pick something out for themselves if they're interested in doing so as well!

9. How can we keep the excitement alive for our post-quarantine life?

Eventually things will go back to normal, even if it's a new normal. So, get each other excited about what the future has to hold for you both by making plans you can look forward to until it's time. To help you get started, here are 10 Dates You Can Plan For When Quarantine Is Over, While Still Practicing Social Distancing.

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